Gyms (and pants!) are for squares…

(get the squares reference…?)

So. Once again cancelled gym membership. I’m not against exercise. Not in the slightest.

But here is what I gave myself permission to do. Save money. Don’t spend money on something that I have to FORCE myself to go to maybe twice per week. Feel guilty when I don’t. And? Start to find myself self-sabotaging my goals as I feel bad. (Misery loves company don’t ya know?) Why pay to torture myself in a negative way?

I LOVE to walk. Move my body outside – especially in my neighborhood and town. Watch the people move about: families, groups of kids, walking pairs, dog name it! It’s so damned meditative and freeing to have a podcast talking in my ears, watching my breathing (I do huff and puff a bit sometimes!), and have my senses filled with fresh air and a beautiful scenic surrounding.

I read an article on MyFitnessPal this morning that sums so much of it up:

“While he’d made plenty of half-hearted attempts to join gyms and start various fitness programs over the years, he found that walking was something to which he could actually stick.”

This was from an article about a dude that lost 100 lbs. While he had other motivators that he clung to – what struck me was his tried and failed attempts at the gym. DITTO. Walking is where it is at for me; which I discovered this year. I won’t give it up – and I won’t pay for something I will not use! (When we lose all daylight again, I’ll simply do what I can when I and not plunk down another few hundred dollars)

Last night I got home from work, changed my clothes, and was out the door for as much of a walk as I could get before it was dark. I put on the ugly safety vest (I mean REALLY ugly vest), plugged into my true crime podcast and off I went! (I even posted them on Instagram and also in my Instastory for fun). It wasn’t my “big” loop that is just around 3 miles, but I didn’t have time for that. I had to get in SOMETHING before it was too dark. And it was AWESOME.

Look around you. Give yourself permission to do what works. What makes you happy. What will help you get where you want to be!

All Arrow all the time…

There are characters on this show that engage me in a way that many shows do NOT. The center of it all being Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, and the story of a spoiled rich boy being chewed up, spit out, and clawing his way into greatness. Here we are closing in on the halfway point of Season 5 – and I think I’m well and truly mad.

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Be good to yourself (nobody else will!)

I know I don’t share all of the data from each walk, but really does anyone REALLY care?! Either way – I’m currently beta testing Android 7.0 Nougat on my Samsung S7 and it’s possible that the GPS is slightly buggy due to that. I know the walk I took this morning is 2.87 miles; I’ve done it so many times! I had to scrap that “tracking walk” from the Fitbit app and go with what my Fitbit Charge 2 picked up etc. (That is why there isn’t a distance on the capture) Continue reading “Be good to yourself (nobody else will!)”

10k steps a day is hard…

No joke. Each Fitbit comes with a default (I think) of 10k Steps/Day Goal. Dudes – for someone with a desk job that is really hard to make!! Today I had 7/10 hours with the 250 reminders, and went to the gym and clocked over 2 miles on the treadmill, and went grocery shopping, and did kitchen cooking and cleaning, as well as running around the house. I literally just hit 10,127 steps as I got into bed. The struggle is real! Continue reading “10k steps a day is hard…”

My coffee is cold…

Again. On the weekends, I love the fact that I get to use one of my beloved over-sized coffee mugs to drink my coffee  rather than the Contigo thermos(es) that I use when travelling to work, etc. Today is a lovely mug from The Madonna Inn and I’ve already had to stick it back into the microwave 3 times. Continue reading “My coffee is cold…”

But I like to sit…sometimes!

In all seriousness, I can attest to #2. Do it!! So glad my Fitbit Alta has the reminders!

Is Sitting Truly the New Smoking? – Hello HealthyHello Healthy

How many hard boiled eggs can YOU eat?

The answer is (2) every single damned day. Every. Single Damned. Day. (Weight Watchers = 2 pts each) Thankfully I don’t get sick of routine repetitive meals. It is what is helping me to stay on track with losing weight – as well as keep my budget in check. And the eggs are good protein that tide me over every morning at work until lunch. THEN I really pack in the protein! 🙂

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