Be good to yourself (nobody else will!)


I know I don’t share all of the data from each walk, but really does anyone REALLY care?! Either way – I’m currently beta testing Android 7.0 Nougat on my Samsung S7 and it’s possible that the GPS is slightly buggy due to that. I know the walk I took this morning is 2.87 miles; I’ve done it so many times! I had to scrap that “tracking walk” from the Fitbit app and go with what my Fitbit Charge 2 picked up etc. (That is why there isn’t a distance on the capture)

Either way, I share things thing for a couple of reasons. A) It helps me to keep a closer eye on my progress and to keep doing it, and 2) To perhaps inspire others to find their own journey to get on. You may not need to lose weight like me. You may not be as close to 50 as I am and thus a little scared about your health in the future if you don’t do something now.

It honestly doesn’t matter – the truth is that as a Nation we simply need to move more. So many of us have desk jobs, or spend a lot of time on computers – to where sitting actually becomes the norm. It’s actually easier than moving around. Believe me, I know. I sit a LOT. I work in an office, and have had office jobs since my early 20’s. Getting up early, getting the kids ready, getting into work, then spending all day – and then adding errands or chores on top of that – the idea of further exercise, etc can be near to impossible to entertain! Who has the energy? Who has the time? But what I’ve had to face and admit to myself is that I HAVE THE TIME. Of course I have the time. If I have the time to sit and play a video game, or watch hours of TV – why the heck wouldn’t I have time to take an extra 30 minutes (minimum) each day to move more if it would improve my overall health?

For the record I am walking/exercising (in a gym when it’s dark) 5 days per week now. I take every Friday off, and usually either Monday OR Tuesday to allow a wee break. It’s a great schedule and thus far I haven’t re-injured my foot.

It’s hard. But I assure you – it gets easier – and quickly. Starting to move more FEELS GOOD. Less aches when laying down at night. Better night’s sleep. And the general happiness you experience when you do something positive for yourself. You want to move more. And I have. And so will you. Love yourself. Be good to yourself. You are worth it.


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