Life of a goal keeper (not the kind you think)…


For the first time in a very long time, I actually set a goal for myself. And I actually met that goal. Maybe that sounds silly to you, but it is a very big deal for me. See I like to have “general” things I’m working on, and working TOWARDS accomplishing – but without specifics where I can actually fail. But to set a decided goal is really kind of scary for me. It means, I have to be a grown up. It means I have to make a fucking decision, and do the right thing for my mind, body, and soul health – and then hit that goal. (Shit, I just broke into sweat writing about it.)

I didn’t save the world or anything…

Puhleeze. I decided since I was “between” jobs this week and getting the mind set to start the new job Monday, that I’d make sure to get out and have a specific walk each and every day. Now as I’ve talked a good bit about enjoying walking so much you wouldn’t think that this would have been anything to “set” or even to truly make a big deal. But I haven’t been getting the kind of walks that I’d like – or that I need to continue on and lose weight and get stronger. I get them here and there, but I haven’t made them a focus with all of the previous work turmoil surrounding me. And let’s face it – even if you like to move around and – sitting is so much easier. Contagious. Insidiously so actually. Plus, I mean, I also have a lot of TV to catch up on. (Really, it’s a thing!)

So I decided that I would get a good walk in each day – even if I also then did a lot of TV watching during my time off. I informed my buds on my Fitbit Challenge (that I normally come in last in each and every week) that I was going to get a good walk in every single day of this week, while I could. Naturally they were very awesome in their support (even as they RACED around me still and apparently walked the entire length of the United States) – and cheered me on. And I did it.

Screenshot (Jun 17, 2017 1-58-25 PM)

I don’t how much I’ll move today…it’s HOT!

Here is the reason for this entire post.

It feels great to know that I set a goal and I met that goal. I simply did it. I’m not sure that this is going to get me to get any braver about setting more specific goals like, “When I lose another 10 lbs, THEN I can buy the new ASUS Chromebook C302” that I’m lusting after. I know why I haven’t set that goal and frankly it’s dumb dumb dumb – and lame. It means I have to get even more serious about limiting what I eat, other than the tracking. It means I have to be stricter on myself in order to allow myself to spend money.

Forget the fact that it’s also better for me to lose the damned weight than to drop the $500 on that the silly thing is going to cost me. But it’s also showing that I’m afraid that I won’t lose the weight as well as it puts off the timetable of allowing myself to spend that money.

So fuck it. Let’s make this real.

I know I can set a goal and stick to it. I know it feels good to do it. So here is my promise. When I drop 10 lbs (and hit the 180 lb) line, then I’ll allow myself to buy the ASUS Chromebook C302 . There it’s real. I am drawing the line in the sand (and then cringing heavily afterwards, because DAMN I dislike sand…!) and making a deal with myself. With you. With the world. With my mind, body, and soul.

If I cannot make myself do it, no one can. Let’s get to work!


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