You’re a bitch.


The hike that killed me

What a weekend. After going on an uphill (yes both ways) hike that really did have a lot of flat ground to cover on Saturday, I’ve been relatively in a “lightly-destroyed” mode. (Or more aptly in my impression of a crone mode) Meaning I cannot move with any grace at all, and I haven’t slept much. This morning I find myself home from work feeling like crap, sore, and yet oddly bubbly over things I watched. My brain – it’s a blessing. And a curse. (Thank you, “Monk”, for that ever so useful quote).


Where’s Waldo? Look closely you CAN see me!

Things I watched….

  • The entire Samsung MWC 2016 presentation on YouTube (not live)
  • Downton Abbey S6.E8 (finale before the LAST episode ever – Christmas)
  • The Walking Dead S6.E10 “The Next World”
  • The Talking Dead S5.E10 (w/Nathan Fillion & ah….BIG romance reaction)

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February Frolicking & Fandom


First weekend of February and despite the fact that the skies have opened up and El Nino has poured all over us for a month – it’s close to 70 degrees in my neck of the woods. I suppose with so many folks in “town” for the Super Bowl it is a good thing..? Yes, yes, of course it is. With the freeways and streets flooded with so many more people, the lack of rain can only mean good things. In theory.

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