working working day and night…


Okay so I haven’t been exactly working day and night. However, it is true that I did just in fact leave a job (after 7 years) that was working my brain and stress levels day and night. This is the first time in my life that I’ve actively sought something out to leave a situation that was becoming unbearable. A boss that couldn’t be trusted despite what he’d tell you to your face. Follow a previous boss to HIS new place of employment. It’s a big door of OPPORTUNITY that opened up in a world where not many doors open. WHOOSH>>>>I am running through it. (And while there is some sadness of leaving a place I’ve hung my hat for so long ….I’m truly excited at what is coming next.)

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Shit. Shite. And all that shitted.


SHIT. I had paragraphs of venting that while writing them made me feel better, I deleted them in order to be able to post and not manage to get myself fired. Sigh. This applies to the work situation and chaos there right now. I’m fine – I’m not worried about me – but I am worried about a truly cool solid worker and annoyed by another that we may end up carrying, despite proof they are not up to the task. Again – that is UBER vague. But DAMN. Or rather, SHIT.

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