My coffee is cold…


Again. On the weekends, I love the fact that I get to use one of my beloved over-sized coffee mugs to drink my coffee  rather than the Contigo thermos(es) that I use when travelling to work, etc. Today is a lovely mug from The Madonna Inn and I’ve already had to stick it back into the microwave 3 times. I suppose I should look to the positive and realize that every time I have to get up and put it back in to heat it up, I’m getting extra steps in, right? But also? The coffee just doesn’t taste the same as you do that. Bleh. I wish I could drink faster, but I’m a slow drinker in general.


Fandom Talk

I just wish I could (in general) be more excited for TV. I think that perhaps my new re-focuses energies on exercise and weight loss could be tapping into the excitement that I had for my favorite shows. I do tend to sometimes get hyper-focused on one sort of “thing” that then shadows everything else. But even so, I have a few thoughts as we go into tonight’s “The Walking Dead”.

  • I loved last week’s introduction to Izekiel and The Kingdom episode. I was very grateful for a change of pace – and one that actually had some hope in it – after the brutal premiere.
  • Was I alone in being frustrated with Carol for 85% of the episode as she tried to pull the same schtick with the people there as she had done when they first got to Alexandria? Playing the harmless damsel AND stealing from them?
  • I could tell that she didn’t fool Izekial one bit and was glad to see that play out and learn about how he came to the King. That may be one of my favorite conversations we’ve ever seen on the show. And that is saying something.
  • Actually I’m pleased with the way that they laid out a bunch of information about The Kingdom, it’s history and revealed connection to Negan – I am very glad that we didn’t have multiple episodes to sit and wonder if they were giving him “half their shit” too.
  • I find it interesting and smart that it’s a secret to most of the residents that they are paying a protection fee to Negan.
  • As soon as I saw they were feeding the pigs walkers and saying only “50% free” I KNEW those were bound for Negan’s group and I cheered.
  • I wonder if Negan’s group actually doesn’t fully realize the stores and what not that Izekiel is building up – THAT could be a game changer.!
  • I was glad that Carol, left but didn’t leave and just took over a house nearby. Did anyone else wonder if perhaps that was HER house? In the beginning of the episode she was seeing flashes of the walkers as they had been in their human form….does that mean she knows them?! Hmmmm

I know tonight we’re going to be mired down in the down and dirty as Rick and the gang return home to Alexandria to tell them of their new horrible future. I just hope that we see at some point grumblings of rebellion. And yes I’ll have tissues at the ready – let the emotional grieving and fallout of losing Abraham and Glenn commence!

I haven’t watched this week’s “Arrow” yet. Shocker, I know. I still haven’t watched any of “Supernatural”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Agents of Shield”, or even finished the summer run of “The Last Ship”. I’m just so behind. I am caught up on “The Flash” however, and continue to enjoy Draco..NOT Draco…on the show. So far so good – although I do wonder what they plan to do with Caitlin. Hope it isn’t too heavy; the show does better with the goofy. Shoot, I also am not caught up on “Poldark” (wonder if I’ll care this season if they continue to hint that Ross will pine for Elizabeth), or ANY of the other things that even sometimes watched! Meh…..I’m too busy walking people!

Speaking of walking….

I walked this week: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, yesterday, and again today. That’s right – I’m totally at it! I did end up getting the Fitbit Charge 2 in order to incorporate the heart rate tracking back into my walks. After not being happy with last year’s Fitbit Charge HR, I can say that the Charge 2 does seem to be better. The improvements are solid.

I also hit a weight low today that we’ll see if it will hold for Tuesday’s weigh in. Wish me luck! (And back at ya)


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