My coffee is cold…


Again. On the weekends, I love the fact that I get to use one of my beloved over-sized coffee mugs to drink my coffee  rather than the Contigo thermos(es) that I use when travelling to work, etc. Today is a lovely mug from The Madonna Inn and I’ve already had to stick it back into the microwave 3 times. Continue reading


the struggle is real…


I have the urge to post/blog all of the time. And yet I find that I wonder if I should head here to WordPress and try to beat that old horse. Or go to my Tumblr page and blog – but really what I do mostly there is talk about Arrow, and sometimes some other shows. I’m not sure if Tumblr is the place to get “real” or too personal. Seems folks want to get their hits of tv show memes and gifs and then move on. Maybe that makes it the perfect place to get personal and “real” then, as folks are moving to fast to really stop and stare? Who the hell knows. Is that what I want? To be out there but never been seen? Why have any blog in the first place? How will it serve? Will it improve my or anyone’s day or life? What is it I want to say anyway? Why have more than one blog? Is it better to consolidate the places on the internet we have?

The struggle is real.

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What would you do…?


I had an interesting conversation during lunch today about the two nurses (as of today) that have tested positive for Ebola. I made a statement that I would probably do some sort of self-induced isolation after treating the now-dead man. Yes – even if I had followed protocol simply because we just can’t afford any kind of outbreak.  I’ve read it can have something like a 2-3 week incubation period? Turns out my co-worker was like, “Not me. If I had followed protocol, I’d still gone about my life. I’m not going to stop living my life.” I asked, “What about the risks to other people?” The conversation went from there and it was an interesting one. And it got me thinking – what would you do? What would I REALLY do? Continue reading