Life of a goal keeper (not the kind you think)…


For the first time in a very long time, I actually set a goal for myself. And I actually met that goal. Maybe that sounds silly to you, but it is a very big deal for me. See I like to have “general” things I’m working on, and working TOWARDS accomplishing – but without specifics where I can actually fail. But to set a decided goal is really kind of scary for me. It means, I have to be a grown up. It means I have to make a fucking decision, and do the right thing for my mind, body, and soul health – and then hit that goal. (Shit, I just broke into sweat writing about it.)

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Shit. Shite. And all that shitted.


SHIT. I had paragraphs of venting that while writing them made me feel better, I deleted them in order to be able to post and not manage to get myself fired. Sigh. This applies to the work situation and chaos there right now. I’m fine – I’m not worried about me – but I am worried about a truly cool solid worker and annoyed by another that we may end up carrying, despite proof they are not up to the task. Again – that is UBER vague. But DAMN. Or rather, SHIT.

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