Once a mom always a mom


My son is twenty years old. I sometimes feel as if he is twenty going on 7. Before I go any further, I have to state he is the great love of my life. I raised him without his dad around and with the very close knit love, support, patience and help of my small family. I love him so very much – and dammit if he isn’t the one person I think of as “dumbass” more than anyone else? Was I the same at his age?  I mean – I had to be RIGHT?!

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Same time. . next year?


I cannot believe I left this little blog for over a year. I will admit I was running experiment over on Tumblr ( My Tumblr page – Snippets ) and it has been kind of fun. But what it really allows me is to talk all “Arrow”, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, et al – all of the time. I have plunked out a few fun picsets and fan art and I have waxed on and on with theories and what not. It’s been great fun. I won’t give it up. But what it hasn’t turned about to be? A true real blog. The style of the site and speed in which folks toss up gifsets, and other media doesn’t really lend itself to the type of more traditional blog I’m used to.  And I’m old. So. Yeah. There you go.

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raindrops and train crossings


Yesterday morning I got stuck at the train crossing for probably the 2nd time in nearly 4 years of this commute. It has been (had been?) raining fairly steadily for the past couple of days and there was the slightest little break. So I took a few snapshots with my phone *GASP* and then tonight puttered a wee bit with a photo editor.

Don’t YOU feel lucky? Either way, there is something about trains and crossing that seems almost surreatraintracksl to me. Yet homey. I cannot explain it. But it usually sends me into some sort of temporary nostalgic gauzy and fuzzy state of mind. Makes me think of summer and movies like “Super 8” or “Stand by Me” – as if I ever had an adventure even remotely as awesome as what we see in those films. But maybe I wanted one. Hmm?

Either way – it was a lovely moment. And today I’m hit with the reality that is I am now the mother of a 17 year old boy. S E V E N T E E N years old. When and how does that happen? How is it that I feel and
think like a gal in my mid 20’s and yet have to rear this beast of a boy (and deal with his ever loving funk?)?

Train tracks. Crossings. Waiting for danger to pass…and raindrops on my windshield.

On a side note this week’s Season finale of “The Walking Dead” was some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Welcome back, Rick Grimes, you have been so sorely missed. Man I cannot wait until Season 5!!!


end of an era


psych-series-finale-blogSeems like I like to write about TV and movies so far doesn’t it? Well who doesn’t. And frankly there is only so much geekery I’ll allow myself to spread in posts about World of Warcraft or other such online/gamer nonsense. No one needs to know that I THAT BIG of a nerd, right?

Well this week “Psych” came to an end after 8 fun seasons. I find I’m still thinking about it and a little sad. Did the show (overall) finish as strongly as it had started? Nope. Did it matter? Not really. This last season was very obviously the one to wrap it all up in a neat little bow. And it sure did. I won’t give any spoilers away to those that may be behind or those that have been curious to watch and have yet to watch. But it is very safe for me to say that the finale was as touching, light, lovely, sarcastic, zany, and filled with pop culture goodness – as most of the show had been in its entire run. If you haven’t yet checked it out, Seasons 1-6 are currently on Netflix, and the others are on Amazon if you are interested…

For me, this is another show that my son and I watched together and quite enjoyed. It is one that we still go back and watch old episode and talk about and giggle together. My son (who turns 17 next month) has grown up with Shawn Spencer. And now it is over. I’m sure (as it is naturally wont to) this will mark a change in our relationship as well as he moves away from hanging out with his geeky old mom. Or maybe he won’t and I’ll be stuck with him. Forever.

Well either way – I just want to thank everyone over at “Psych” for so many laughs and fun. For originality and heartwarming stories about relationships. For some awesome pop culture references that took on lives of their own and evolved into long-running-inside jokes for the cast and fans to enjoy. Thank you for giving my son and I something else to bond over. Thank you for introducing us to Timothy Omundson.

Thank you for #Shules. Now…”suck iiiiiit!”

Super Bad….


My son has recently watched “Super Bad” and wanted me to watch it with him (after he watched 2x already). So I did. I mean I like Seth Rogan, right? Well – dammit. I must be OLD. “Super Bad” wasn’t bad per se, but…hmm..it is definitely a movie for boys. BOYS. Last time I looked..I hadn’t grown a penis.

Make no mistake there were some laughs to be had. But not only in the movie – but in the show that was mom and son watching it together. I was amused watching and listening to my (nearly 17 year old) son look nervous at times over all of the raunchy sex-obsessed talk and cursing. He felt he needed to warn me or explain sometimes as the movie went on. So cute. I mean – he probably forgets that I did grow up – and was a hormone driven teenager at one point. I even went to parties and did some drinking and groping *gasp!*

In that respect I quite loved the movie; but only really for what it represented with the two of us watching together, and moving out of high school in general. There were 2 sweet moments – between Seth and Ethan as best friends seeing their futures sort of splinter, and Fogel with the cops that remembered what being a loser was like. Those moments were lovely surprises wrapped in a way over the top drunk fest boobie grab. The real problem of the film was the middle – after a strong start and strong finish. Seems that Seth Rogan felt he needed to put in a big brutal and stupid fight in order to move the boys along…meh. Not needed.

But – hey – now I’ve seen the movie. Perhaps my son and I are better for it. One thing is for certain, I simply do not like Jonah Hill as an actor. I don’t like to watch him at all; and I’ve seen him a few times now. Blah blah blah. Does nothing for me except perhaps raise my blood pressure. Not sure why that is really but there you have it.

I realize this post is a bit rambly – but I’m nearly asleep as this old lady has to rise and shine in a few hours for the ….oh damn. I just realized I haven’t watched “Arrow” yet.

Epic fail that I will have to remedy this weekend. Laters.