All Arrow all the time…


There are characters on this show that engage me in a way that many shows do NOT. The center of it all being Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, and the story of a spoiled rich boy being chewed up, spit out, and clawing his way into greatness. Here we are closing in on the halfway point of Season 5 – and I think I’m well and truly mad.

However! There are many aspects about Season 5 that I am enjoying completely:

  • More hand to hand combat/fight scenes
  • More action scenes in general
  • Russia flashbacks
  • Prometheus is truly scary and a great mystery (Tommy?!)
  • Quentin Lance has some meatier stuff to deal with
  • Oliver, Felicty, and Diggle being so obvioulsy the “A-Team” with the new recruits being the “B-Team”.
  • More time spent in the “Arrow Cave” – period
  • All of Thea’s scenes (although Oliver is doing a piss poor job as Mayor and relying upon her too much)
  • Growing familial bond between Quentin and Thea
  • The new DA is a hoot and I think possibly the new vigilante – but I don’t think he’s evil
  • The general more grittier feel from Seasons 1 and 2

Unfortunately, I’m finding that it isn’t truly satisfying for me to have so much of what engaged me in the show back. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was missing – what I was still searching for. I cannot escape my feeling that it kind of boils down to one aspect of the show.

But before I delve into what is really chapping my hide – I did want to address the recruits for a moment. For me, they are hit and miss. Mostly I wonder at their staying power and overall impact on Oliver’s story – as I don’t see it. Roy was a personal “little brother” and will always still have more emotional impact, like Thea and Laurel, will.

I do enjoy Curtis in anything he does, and I do see why he would wish to be stronger and better able to fight after what he witnessed with Damien Dahrk. Plus he filled in for Felicity in a few spots last year so his presence makes sense. The other three I could take or leave. However, Wild Dog is growing on me and that is hugely in part because I find the actor to really be fun to watch and utterly believable. He is sort of like Roy, angry Oliver, and angry Thea all rolled into one. And for me, it’s a combo that works. He also feels more gritty and real in terms of his origins and WHY he would try to fight back. Rags/Bandage Guy (I cannot remember his name) is okay mostly but kind of also blah. Evelyn just annoys the shit out of me but she is also 17 and frankly I have a hard time watching teenagers in general. So that’s it for the recruits.

All roads lead to Felicity and I’m beginning to wonder…is it worth it?!

Yes, that’s right. I’m NOT thrilled with what they are doing to one of my favorite characters (Felicity). There is still this overall theme that goes back to how Felicity feels about Oliver’s lie about the Baby Mama (I honestly don’t think the show will ever recover from that debacle last season with the contrived lie and then fallout between these two strong characters.) Oliver is STILL having to apologize. Grow. Change. Be better. Etc. And frankly I’m sick and fucking tired of it. Oliver is not the hot mess that he was when we first met him. And sometimes I kind of miss that guy. (I think if people were honest, they would admit that they do too)

Granted, Oliver by allowing Diggle, then Felicity into his world DID grow and change into a man that could love and be loved while on his mission. That WAS and IS important. So it isn’t that I’m against growth and change/improvement. However – how much more does Oliver have to capitulate in order to be worthy? THAT is what sticks in my throat. Oliver’s actions and mission are what inspired Diggle, Felicity, Roy, Laurel, and so many others to actually be a PART of their community and try to affect real change. To fight against evil, corruption, and monsters. To put themselves in front of innocents and to shield them. Oliver fell in love with Felicity in spite of himself – and Felicity fell in love with Oliver (WARTS AND ALL). She knew very well who and what he was all along. When that happened everything fell into place in a way that the show hasn’t seen since. What is left is ….ridiculously lame – in terms of their relationship.

While I can appreciate that enough time has gone by that they can work together and still trust in each other for the mission (without being a couple) – I do not believe the very casualness that they treat the idea of each of them moving on. Unless of course it is all bullshit. But they were soulmates. They were going to get married. And the speed in which Felicity rebounds around is frankly annoying and immature. Oliver was celibate for 2 years until they first got together and he hasn’t dated since (until the most recent episode). Felicity has done some oat sewing. While I don’t believe the creators will have that be the case for long – I simply just cannot buy it. Again, this all goes back to the horribly written Baby Mama lie that was so out of character – and apparently I cannot shake.

Anyway, Felicity gets to try and be happy. And let us not forget LIE to her new boyfriend and steal from him for the greater good. But it’s okay if she keeps that secret. But yet, Oliver still has to repent for his past sins. I’m just FUCKING OVER IT.

Honestly, the writers were on to something at the beginning of Season 4 when they had Oliver and Felicity happy and together – and their romance sealed – and put in the background. But midway through Season 4 they just went off the rails. And I do not know if they can repair it, even if they wanted to. The way they are going, it certainly doesn’t seem that way. I do think that there was one great scene on her balcony (WHY does she get the loft by the way?!) where they talked about what was real – it was a great moment between Stephen/Emily (Oliver/Felicity) and that 2 minutes felt more genuine than anything else we’ve seen yet since the big lie of 2015. I cling to those couple of minutes in the hopes that the writers will redeem Felicity’s choices in my eyes and her poor treatment of Oliver. Felicity wasn’t always holier than thou. And it bugs.

Plus her new boyfriend is more boring than milk-toast. I have no idea what she sees in him, except as a passing diversion. Bleh.

I think Prometheus thus far is a great villain and mystery. I wonder just who he could be. Could it somehow be Tommy?! Or someone we haven’t yet seen from Russia that followed Oliver?!

It bothers me more than it should that I’m not enjoying this show as much as I used to. Truly. And I’m ticked that the ladies in the show are being written as kind of shrews. And don’t even get me started on the awful reporter that I cannot even look at when she is onscreen.

I’ve been walking!!! I’ve been walking!!! And losing weight! I’m officially down 6 lbs but this coming Tuesday I hope to be down another 1-2 lbs. I’ve been so diligent through this holiday and moving so much. So wish me luck! I want to give a recommendation to Sword and Scale: True Crime Podcast. It’s such a well put together Podcast for addicts of True Crime. (I am). It raises the quality bar in a way that not many can compete. It’s great for walking, driving, anything. Give it a try – and get hooked!


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