Everybody’s walking for the weekend…


I did get in some great walks this week (AND this morning too). I didn’t mean to skip the posting this week, but there is a lot going on – so I was just busier than normal. Anyway, my hope is there may be 1 or 2 people that may read this and be inspired by another older/heavier person enjoying walking and looking to be healthier as we get older (and NOT heavier!). This post is for YOU!

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Same time. . next year?


I cannot believe I left this little blog for over a year. I will admit I was running experiment over on Tumblr ( My Tumblr page – Snippets ) and it has been kind of fun. But what it really allows me is to talk all “Arrow”, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, et al – all of the time. I have plunked out a few fun picsets and fan art and I have waxed on and on with theories and what not. It’s been great fun. I won’t give it up. But what it hasn’t turned about to be? A true real blog. The style of the site and speed in which folks toss up gifsets, and other media doesn’t really lend itself to the type of more traditional blog I’m used to.  And I’m old. So. Yeah. There you go.

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Merry Christmas and goodbye 2014…


As much as I don’t relish being “older” or zooming along to the next birthday (and wrinkle?) – I am going to breathe a sigh of relief when this year is OVER. Fini. Done. Hell yeah.

2014 has been a year that has tested me in ways that I really hadn’t forseen. Nearly $3000 in car issues (for a truly good solidly running car ..but wow!). The ex has been spotty with support. Money has been scarce. Some medical questions and issues (NO..it’s not a tumor. I’m just getting OLD thank you very much). Some emotional . . . ups and downs as I deal with my son in his final year of high school and questioning who I will be when I’m not his mom in the same sort of role. I even hit a deer – scratch that..HE hit ME! Ironically with all of the nonsense and shit that came my way there was also a lot of luck and good things from those around me. I’m truly very lucky. I mean. Truly. Lucky. Blessed. I have some great people in my life that I’m so thankful for. Continue reading

Shit. Shite. And all that shitted.


SHIT. I had paragraphs of venting that while writing them made me feel better, I deleted them in order to be able to post and not manage to get myself fired. Sigh. This applies to the work situation and chaos there right now. I’m fine – I’m not worried about me – but I am worried about a truly cool solid worker and annoyed by another that we may end up carrying, despite proof they are not up to the task. Again – that is UBER vague. But DAMN. Or rather, SHIT.

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