working working day and night…


Okay so I haven’t been exactly working day and night. However, it is true that I did just in fact leave a job (after 7 years) that was working my brain and stress levels day and night. This is the first time in my life that I’ve actively sought something out to leave a situation that was becoming unbearable. A boss that couldn’t be trusted despite what he’d tell you to your face. Follow a previous boss to HIS new place of employment. It’s a big door of OPPORTUNITY that opened up in a world where not many doors open. WHOOSH>>>>I am running through it. (And while there is some sadness of leaving a place I’ve hung my hat for so long ….I’m truly excited at what is coming next.)

Now’s where I might be tempted to get down and dirty and talk shit about my boss and things I’ve experienced and heard, etc. But I’m simply not going to do that. I was very candid in my exit interview – as constructively as possible. I’m well aware that as I’m going to a competitor that there is bound to be some gossip and/or shit talk that goes around. I’d like to hope that my boss won’t think me a big enough fish to waste any energy trying to spread lies about me. But I cannot control what he may decide to do. I know that I left my company on good terms, without a mess to clean up, people trained, and with a proper notice. I know that I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true in my exit. And that is what I can control.

I’ve still been walking a lot!!

I have also still been nursing the heel with the plantar fasciitis but it is getting better. Slowly. It’s been a year now since I first truly injured it and I’ve made sure to listen to my body when it hurts – and to wear the proper gear. Can I tell you about these AWESOME shoes that I’m currently using that seem to be helping my feet issues to heal in faster?!


The Hoka One Clifton 3. It’s a great and surprising shoe. Looks a little funky when choosing from my local Road Runner, but you get them on your feet – and WATCH OUT!

Wearing these shoes has really improved everything for me right now. They are very good at helping distribute weight as well – so that you aren’t putting more weight on the balls and toes of your feet but more evenly. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed that I need to have less weight pressing down on that part of my feet as well. (I mean getting older just sucks). But the gentle rocking of these shoes simply means that I’m not pounding anything out and the results have been nearly immediate to my overall comfort. I highly recommend them and doubt I’ll go back to the Asics line at this point. I really need this type of shoe for all of the issues that a regular walker (or at least this walker) is running into.

One of the things that has happened is that by posting photos I’ve taken during walks, or simply the stats from the walks that I track, I’ve been hearing that I’m inspiring people that I know to just get out and walk more. I’ve had several friends get Fitbits and start tracking, or simply getting moving more. It makes me feel great to hear that. Even my mom and sister have started to try and get out to move more. It helps to keep me going as well even though I’ve had feet issues, or the weight is still slow to come off. So I’m inspiring others and that is continuing to inspire me.

What shoes are you wearing?



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