jenn’s mom walks (today!)..

I’m beginning to wonder if my talking about the enjoyment I’m getting from walking is feeling a little contagious with the family. My mom went on a 2.92 mile walk with me at the reservoir. My sister last week said she’d like to try and go sometimes – but that is going to be tough. She is super busy with work, husband, and my nephews. I really hope that my sister will in fact go sometimes – I would worry less about her. But that is another story for another day.

Now – question for anyone that can answer me? I turned the GPS on my phone and then proceeded to start tracking the walk with both my Fitbit and S-Health apps. Why would S-Health state 2.92 miles and Fitbit would state 2.84? The phone (S-Health) was in my backpack, while the Fitbit Alta was naturally on my wrist. I just wonder as to why they would be dissimilar in mileage when they were using GPS from my phone?! If anyone can help me to understand – I’d greatly appreciate it. (I’ve included a few photos from today’s walk below.)

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jenn walks…..!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of walking. No where near what a healthy fit person should – mind you – but a lot more than I have in a LONG-ASS time. I’ve discovered that I quite enjoy them. And I’ve been tracking them. Using my apps (fitbit / s-health) and my fitbit tracker(s). [Currently wearing a lovely Fitbit Alta in teal thank you very much!] In fact, I’ve been ONLY walking and not hitting the gym, so I temporarily put my 24-hour membership on “freeze” to save some money. Why pay the $37 if I’m never going through those sweaty doors?



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the struggle is real…

I have the urge to post/blog all of the time. And yet I find that I wonder if I should head here to WordPress and try to beat that old horse. Or go to my Tumblr page and blog – but really what I do mostly there is talk about Arrow, and sometimes some other shows. I’m not sure if Tumblr is the place to get “real” or too personal. Seems folks want to get their hits of tv show memes and gifs and then move on. Maybe that makes it the perfect place to get personal and “real” then, as folks are moving to fast to really stop and stare? Who the hell knows. Is that what I want? To be out there but never been seen? Why have any blog in the first place? How will it serve? Will it improve my or anyone’s day or life? What is it I want to say anyway? Why have more than one blog? Is it better to consolidate the places on the internet we have?

The struggle is real.

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What did you do this week?

Frankly, it’s been a relatively boring couple of weeks. “Arrow” is on hiatus. “Downton Abbey” is over for good. And it’s been R A I N I N G like crazy. However, there are a few things to discuss…

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You’re a bitch.

The hike that killed me

What a weekend. After going on an uphill (yes both ways) hike that really did have a lot of flat ground to cover on Saturday, I’ve been relatively in a “lightly-destroyed” mode. (Or more aptly in my impression of a crone mode) Meaning I cannot move with any grace at all, and I haven’t slept much. This morning I find myself home from work feeling like crap, sore, and yet oddly bubbly over things I watched. My brain – it’s a blessing. And a curse. (Thank you, “Monk”, for that ever so useful quote).

Where’s Waldo? Look closely you CAN see me!

Things I watched….

  • The entire Samsung MWC 2016 presentation on YouTube (not live)
  • Downton Abbey S6.E8 (finale before the LAST episode ever – Christmas)
  • The Walking Dead S6.E10 “The Next World”
  • The Talking Dead S5.E10 (w/Nathan Fillion & ah….BIG romance reaction)

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