All Arrow all the time…


There are characters on this show that engage me in a way that many shows do NOT. The center of it all being Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen, and the story of a spoiled rich boy being chewed up, spit out, and clawing his way into greatness. Here we are closing in on the halfway point of Season 5 – and I think I’m well and truly mad.

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February Frolicking & Fandom


First weekend of February and despite the fact that the skies have opened up and El Nino has poured all over us for a month – it’s close to 70 degrees in my neck of the woods. I suppose with so many folks in “town” for the Super Bowl it is a good thing..? Yes, yes, of course it is. With the freeways and streets flooded with so many more people, the lack of rain can only mean good things. In theory.

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Shot through the heart…….and you’re to blame..!


I’m fairly obsessed with a little show on the CW called “Arrow”. Maybe obsessed isn’t the right word – or hell maybe “fairly” is too light. I don’t know. What I do know is that this show makes me think all of the time. It has turned my brain ON.  The topics raised are varied (from silly to serious).  In the middle of what I call “theory-crafting” I can be brought to an abrupt halt with the simple thought of  “OMG he’s beautiful. Have you ever seen something so beautiful?!” – only to then go right back to crafting my theory and tying clues together. I haven’t really spent this much time mulling/thinking about a TV show since “LOST” broke me and left the airwaves. That is saying something. It is perfect? No. Is it for everyone? No. Do we learn anything from the many flashbacks? Yes! Does it have the awkward and hard to watch teen angst (for me)? Yes – on occasion.   Continue reading