It’s all so . . . Unthinkable


So I finally allowed myself the indulgence of watching the last 8 episodes of Season 2 of “Arrow” in a lovely marathon. (Frankly it is very hard for me to watch one episode per week – I record and mini-marathon at will!). First and foremost what started out a little weak (in my opinion) in Season 2, finished very very strong and with some surprises along the way that did leave me mouth-agape at times and teary eyed at others. While I do wish to talk about a few thoughts I have, I don’t wish to spoil those that haven’t watched, or are considering watching (and you SHOULD), so be prepared for possible SPOILERS below!!!


Let’s get the bad out of the way.

I think I might be the only person that doesn’t have a real appreciation for Roy. There are times when in fact, his character fits in well for context and story, but honestly, thus far he has been some sort of meat suit parading around in the WORST hoodie on the planet. And yet, I’m oddly relieved to see he is cured, and did choose Team Arrow in the finale and do his part help Oliver (without any super powers) to stop Slade Wilson. Maybe it is this act, as well as his breaking up with Thea in order to protect her – that will in fact win him a place in my heart. However – please give the boy a little more to do than glare at people and get him a better outfit…yes?!

Sara Lance (Canary – notice not “Black Canary” like in comics…hello Laurel!) is a thorn in my side. I’ve posted about her before and I’m still not a huge fan. I like the fight scenes she is with. I like that she and Laurel actually did more than whine and moan to each other by the end of the season (thankfully to some real growth and better writing for Laurel). I’m glad she removed herself as a romantic interest for Oliver and decided to follow her would be girlfriend back to the League of Assassins. And yet I was glad she came back to help finish Oliver defeat Slade Wilson as she had been part of the origins of that story. BUT….while the actress is solid with other characters; I cringe every time she is onscreen with Oliver unless it has to do with battle. And I don’t think it is because she isn’t Felicity. Laurel isn’t Felicity either, and I don’t have the same problem when they look at each other with a bit of lust. I think it stems back to the fact that this was a sister who willingly betrayed and hurt her sister…there just isn’t any good from that. Is there?! (In terms of love connections I mean)

Some Good…

Laurel Lance is saved. And it’s about time. Let’s hope they get off this weak ass whiny nonsense and have her continue to grow in confidence and be the girl she once was that was awesome enough to have 2 great guys in love with her. There is so much more that the actress can do – give her better story and scripts please.

I cried my eyes out when Moira Queen was murdered. It was a beautifully written arc that redeemed the character in a final act of love and bravery that dropped my mouth to the floor. I will miss you (but not the continues lying) and how much you loved those kids.

Some Awesome!

Team Arrow….yay more Diggle. More Felicity (and even more please). How awesome was it to hear and see Oliver talk about how they went back to their original team and what worked? How great was it to see him lean on Diggle and Felicity and let them guide him towards true hero status and redemption?

Oliver Queen’s continued growth and never ending compassion is a great mix. Stephen Amell is truly in his element and not only is he one beautiful human to stare at – he is utterly convincing in the portraying of Oliver. Fabulous fabulous fabulous (more workouts onscreen yeah?)

Olicity..well is alive and well. That mansion scene stopped my heart, and I like so many others, do not believe that it was all for show. No way Jose. More importantly it was very well written and directed so that not only was Felicity surprised, but we all were. Great twist for the need to trick Slade, while not trashing the idea of them together at the same time. Great care was taken – thank you for that to the writers!! It really was perfect. Ironically I still have a wee bit of hope in my head/heart for Oliver and Laurel (if she stops being weak) as I know it is canon and in the first season you could not get them in the same room together without toweling yourself off. Both of these ladies could mean great things for Oliver – however it is also true that I ADORE Felicity and all that she embodies. Why shouldn’t she have the hero?! Awesome gal that she is.

Slade Wilson was a great villain for this season. That last speech by Oliver telling him how Slade helped him to become a killer and then a hero was beautiful. Full circle. I am sure we’ll see him again, but I’m happy for the break, from his tunnel visioned insanity over revenge for a girl that didn’t love him in the first place.

Season two really was very interesting and engaging even as we dealt with the annoying (Isabel and Sebastian). There was a lot of redemption going on: Oliver, Moira, Sara, Suicide Squad!, Roy. There were some real dark risks that you don’t normally see on television as well as the continued spectaular fight scenes and action sequences in general. And now we have to do the unthinkable and wait for Season 3.

Or you can rewatch your favorite moment like I probably will when it is available on Netflix late summer…..