the struggle is real…


I have the urge to post/blog all of the time. And yet I find that I wonder if I should head here to WordPress and try to beat that old horse. Or go to my Tumblr page and blog – but really what I do mostly there is talk about Arrow, and sometimes some other shows. I’m not sure if Tumblr is the place to get “real” or too personal. Seems folks want to get their hits of tv show memes and gifs and then move on. Maybe that makes it the perfect place to get personal and “real” then, as folks are moving to fast to really stop and stare? Who the hell knows. Is that what I want? To be out there but never been seen? Why have any blog in the first place? How will it serve? Will it improve my or anyone’s day or life? What is it I want to say anyway? Why have more than one blog? Is it better to consolidate the places on the internet we have?

The struggle is real.

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You’re a bitch.


The hike that killed me

What a weekend. After going on an uphill (yes both ways) hike that really did have a lot of flat ground to cover on Saturday, I’ve been relatively in a “lightly-destroyed” mode. (Or more aptly in my impression of a crone mode) Meaning I cannot move with any grace at all, and I haven’t slept much. This morning I find myself home from work feeling like crap, sore, and yet oddly bubbly over things I watched. My brain – it’s a blessing. And a curse. (Thank you, “Monk”, for that ever so useful quote).


Where’s Waldo? Look closely you CAN see me!

Things I watched….

  • The entire Samsung MWC 2016 presentation on YouTube (not live)
  • Downton Abbey S6.E8 (finale before the LAST episode ever – Christmas)
  • The Walking Dead S6.E10 “The Next World”
  • The Talking Dead S5.E10 (w/Nathan Fillion & ah….BIG romance reaction)

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More on the Walking Dead…

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)

This image truly paints the picture of not only how bleak the situation looked for our group, but also illustrates – IT AIN’T OVER YET! So much to admire and love from a show that continues to impress and could just be the best overall show on TV right now. Yes – even with Zombies.

Take a look over there ———-> Doesn’t look good does it? No sirree, Bob it does not. I have not been able to get last night’s Season 5 Premiere out of my head. I know – I know – a show about zombies. But really it isn’t a show about zombies, we just are lucky enough to see new and creative zombie killing/deaths each week while we are faced with some terrible truths that surface about PEOPLE. More specifically, the choices people make and the lies they tell themselves over and over again in order to justify in their minds why they might just be the truest vision of pure evil in a practically hopeless existence. Continue reading

And we’re back…!


Summer is over (tell that to the weather man please so we can stop having 90 degree days IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER) and for the 1 person that may read this (me), here we go..

Bud7rdgIUAAibdP1. ARROW is back and totally solid. Without spoiling you, there was Olicity, Lance Family, Marvel X-over, and a cliffhanger. Some stuff did move a little faster than I would have liked, but then again it really didn’t. Watch the episode to see what I mean – but we’re back baby!

2. SUPERNATURAL, AGENTS of SHIELD, BIG BANG – all back and totally fun.

3. WALKING DEAD premiered tonight and it just really IS the best show on TV right now. So much bad-assery was had I nearly burst. Lots of zombie meat and killing too. But honestly, if Andrew Lincoln gets any better they will have to create some sort of TV Oscar. He wasn’t the only light tonight, a fan favorite rocked the house and then some.

Not sure why I started with TV but perhaps I’m still on my zombie high..

ON a personal note, I’ve been getting back into listening to podcasts (Adam Carrolla, Alison Rosen, Sarah & Vinnie are favorites), reading (love my new Kindle Paperwhite), researching on the new Moto X 2014 which I plan to upgrade my 2013 Moto X to…..and having a boy in his last year of high school. Oh- and my body is betraying me big time. I’m getting older. Hormones, baby, hormones.

In terms of world events I’m pissed as hell that flights out of Ebola hot spots aren’t simply being banned. What the hell is wrong with people? Everyone should go through a quarantine of a few weeks (incubation time?). People get tested for TB before being allowed to travel – why not this? Animals are often quarantined for FOUR (4) months due to RABIES – rabies people. And THAT is treatable. Honestly, I’m so tired of stupidity and the need that some people have to be perceived as “open” – it’s going to get us all killed. Now there is this other illness coming up from Central America and ….BOARD US UP. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about the world – it really IS ok to want to survive and be smart about it. But there is no logical reason on this planet why the U.S.A. should keep it’s doors opens to viable and real threats. She should survive and take care of her own for a bit..focus at home and the great nation of people HERE that need her. It doesn’t mean we’re racist for christ’s sake; but it certainly would mean we are being smarter than the average bear.

Honestly…I think we’re heading for some seriously dark and troubled times here. There really is so much a group of people can take. There really is only so much stupid that will get put up with before people finally stand up and revolt. I’ve got to figure out what state my family and I will need to move to when/if that happens.

Oh man..that is dark. Time to look at more Moto X 2014 videos, and ponder over whether or not I’ll make myself go and see “Gone Girl” when I had such a terrible reaction to the novel. Oh and Warlords of Draenor will drop soon…!

raindrops and train crossings


Yesterday morning I got stuck at the train crossing for probably the 2nd time in nearly 4 years of this commute. It has been (had been?) raining fairly steadily for the past couple of days and there was the slightest little break. So I took a few snapshots with my phone *GASP* and then tonight puttered a wee bit with a photo editor.

Don’t YOU feel lucky? Either way, there is something about trains and crossing that seems almost surreatraintracksl to me. Yet homey. I cannot explain it. But it usually sends me into some sort of temporary nostalgic gauzy and fuzzy state of mind. Makes me think of summer and movies like “Super 8” or “Stand by Me” – as if I ever had an adventure even remotely as awesome as what we see in those films. But maybe I wanted one. Hmm?

Either way – it was a lovely moment. And today I’m hit with the reality that is I am now the mother of a 17 year old boy. S E V E N T E E N years old. When and how does that happen? How is it that I feel and
think like a gal in my mid 20’s and yet have to rear this beast of a boy (and deal with his ever loving funk?)?

Train tracks. Crossings. Waiting for danger to pass…and raindrops on my windshield.

On a side note this week’s Season finale of “The Walking Dead” was some of the best TV I’ve ever seen. Welcome back, Rick Grimes, you have been so sorely missed. Man I cannot wait until Season 5!!!





Daryl slumps in the road post all night tracking the evil-would-be-serial-killer-or-worse person (dude) that stole Beth away. I didn’t think my heart could be broken any more by this show. I was wrong.