What would you do…?


I had an interesting conversation during lunch today about the two nurses (as of today) that have tested positive for Ebola. I made a statement that I would probably do some sort of self-induced isolation after treating the now-dead man. Yes – even if I had followed protocol simply because we just can’t afford any kind of outbreak.  I’ve read it can have something like a 2-3 week incubation period? Turns out my co-worker was like, “Not me. If I had followed protocol, I’d still gone about my life. I’m not going to stop living my life.” I asked, “What about the risks to other people?” The conversation went from there and it was an interesting one. And it got me thinking – what would you do? What would I REALLY do?

This entire Ebola situation has me a little freaked out to be honest. I can’t be the only one that sits and sometimes is very afraid and other times very angry. Right? It seems logical to that flights should be banned out of those Ebola hot spots – to everywhere. Not just here. Someone could fly out of there to another destination and still take flights here. If the CDC and other groups want to go in to try and help out – I wouldn’t ban them but for people leaving? What is so wrong about setting up a mandatory quarantine period to see if symptoms show? I’m still shocked that man left that country knowing he’d been exposed to come here and hope for life-saving treatment – risking so many others along the way. I’m sure fear is a great motivator and can alter people. The entire thing makes me sick. (irony………..)

In other thoughts, I’m still “high” from this week’s “Walking Dead”, and looking forward to “Arrow” tonight, as well as catching up on “Agents of Shield” and “Supernatural”. Plus I finally took my son into the Dermatologist tonight to have his face looked at. Poor dear has been dealing with some nasty rash/scale-like crud and even though some special soaps do help..nothing has made it go away. It seems that my google searching had turned up what the doctor diagnosed him with Seborrheic Dermatitis. While I’m glad that the soaps I ordered from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve (such awesome-ness) did give him some relief, I’m glad to have a diagnosis and some creams to help him. I hope so – he’s been so sensitive and embarrassed at school.

Oh…”Arrow” is starting….!!!


4 thoughts on “What would you do…?

  1. When humans organize in society, we agree to leave anarchy behind; we agree that – AT SOME POINT – the adults have to be in charge. Our country has DEVOLVED into a place where – quite literally – the children and those elite ‘others’ with childish conceits and stunted, immature, inexperienced thinking abilities are exalted and granted power. “I’m not going to stop living my life…”; give me a break! We all make assumptions – to a great degree the assumptions we wake up with each day make up the “who” that we are. When you evaluate the reality of any situation and the answer is “non-sensical” or “insane”, we shouldn’t be devoted to rewriting the FACTS of reality (like President O’bola); we should reassess our assumptions and change them as necessary so that objective reality makes sense. It’s called, “thinking”… it’s called, “being an adult”. Good luck with this 140-character, Oba-world; I’m just passin’ through (and nearing the end!). Hope the dermatologist gives you answers.


    • The thing I keep thinking is that you’d think we’d have all seen enough sci-fi movies of how this sort of thing plays out to make smarter decisions. I think quarantines make sense and agree people shouldn’t be flying out of hot spots without being quarantined.


      • Ain’t that the truth. Truth in fiction right?!!! And now with this doctor who was in Doctors without Borders, travels from Guinea and right into New York. Do you think he notified the CDC he was coming in ..? I don’t think so. And it angers me. I am so tired of being angry.


    • I couldn’t agree more. I really was thrown by the responses I got – I couldn’t believe the risks that they apparently were willing to take. “What if I missed the last chance to kiss my kid by self-quarantining?” was another comment – and I kept thinking….! How great that you DIDN’T kiss that kid and perhaps infect them! As I stated to Annie below, I’m so damned tired of being angry. And reading/hearing the news about this entire thing just makes me so very angry. I can’t do a damned thing about it.


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