the struggle is real…


I have the urge to post/blog all of the time. And yet I find that I wonder if I should head here to WordPress and try to beat that old horse. Or go to my Tumblr page and blog – but really what I do mostly there is talk about Arrow, and sometimes some other shows. I’m not sure if Tumblr is the place to get “real” or too personal. Seems folks want to get their hits of tv show memes and gifs and then move on. Maybe that makes it the perfect place to get personal and “real” then, as folks are moving to fast to really stop and stare? Who the hell knows. Is that what I want? To be out there but never been seen? Why have any blog in the first place? How will it serve? Will it improve my or anyone’s day or life? What is it I want to say anyway? Why have more than one blog? Is it better to consolidate the places on the internet we have?

The struggle is real.


So much thinking going on inside of this head of mine. I have thoughts on TV shows that are frustrating me. A son that is growing up and not growing up at the same time. Work that is hectic and busy and mostly good but I wonder at what will happen long term. I’m completely and utterly stagnant in my health regimen right now. I’m sort of eating ok – and only sort of exercising. And I’m sort of ok with it while I KNOW that I should not be. I’m not challenging myself AT ALL. I’m not pushing myself AT ALL. What the fuck Jenn?!

I’m scared. I’m a little lost. I honestly think that maybe I have no idea as to how to act and be if in fact I’m not caring and guiding someone else – like a child. When I’ve only really got myself to focus on, it’s as if all of the momentum and desire to do better evaporates. What does that mean? I cannot be the only one that experiences this, right? Do I feel like I’m not worthy of good things? Am I really content to just kind of plod along and see what life hands me, rather than finding some thing – anything – to chase?

The struggle is real.


I finally really decided that I’m angry with the writers of “Arrow” for the character inconsistencies this season with Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle. Mostly Felicity, if I’m completely honest. It really is as if she is a totally different person and somehow has amnesia in regards to who Oliver is, and what they’ve built together. Hopefully I’m completely wrong and there is a gameplan. But damn. I’d like to see mopey Oliver go away and the return of confident, sure-footed Oliver who trusts his gut and instincts. I’d like to see Diggle quit yelling at Oliver that he hasn’t grown and evolved in 4 years. I’d like contrived storylines that are only there to “break up” the main couple disappear. There was no need to ever break them up – at least not in the fashion that they did. Ridiculous. I’d like to see a return to more cohesive season story lines, rather than tons of filler eps to get to the back/finish of the seasons. Seasons 1 and 2 were great as they didn’t reveal the villain until you were well past the halfway mark. Season 3 and 4 could learn a thing or two from that. I’m hoping that Season 5 marks the return of Malcolm Merlyn as the big bad and the entire story comes full circle. He was afterall the one that started it all by sinking that damned boat.



Jeffrey Dean Morgan was great as Negan. I do not read the comics, but I know that Negan bashes Glenn’s head in. I tend to think that the producers and writers of the show will follow suit. Although really after fake-killing Glenn this season that would actually seem pretty cheap. It could be fan-favorite Daryl, but then the internet would explode. The finale was really pretty great and extremely tense. Watching Rick’s confidence trickle away with every roadblock was heart-wrenching. And of course Negan’s big entrance and the Lucille bashing was spectacularly done. And now we wait until the Fall…


The struggle is real.


  • I love my Galaxy S7. Everyone should have one. I have bought more cases for it than I have purses now I think.
  • I’m considering doing a more drastic haircut next time (but…maybe when I do drop some weight)
  • My son is so messy and it bugs me to no end (I cannot stop thinking about it)
  • What the hell is going on in this year’s Election? I’m just sick about the whole thing – and it looks like I might have to vote for Trump. TRUMP. The sky is falling..the sky is falling
  • Buying my 2014 Mazda 3 was one of the best decisions I’ve made in probably 2 years.
  • I finally have started to watch Netflix’s “Daredevil”; it’s okay
  • I recently watched “Man of Steel” in preparation for “Batman V Superman”. I really liked it and actually find it to be the most interesting of all of the Superman movies. Way more interesting of a story. And I actually really liked BvS. Dark, gritty, great introduction to Diana Prince. This is a grown up superhero movie; not for kids.
  • I have become addicted to Pistachio’s in the last few months

The struggle is real.


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