February Frolicking & Fandom


First weekend of February and despite the fact that the skies have opened up and El Nino has poured all over us for a month – it’s close to 70 degrees in my neck of the woods. I suppose with so many folks in “town” for the Super Bowl it is a good thing..? Yes, yes, of course it is. With the freeways and streets flooded with so many more people, the lack of rain can only mean good things. In theory.

January marked the return of my eating better (and tracking the damned calories),and hitting the gym 3x/week. Eventually it should get up to more than that – but 3x is solid. It could even be called “responsible” for a woman of my age to move her awkward bones around with that much regularity. What a role model I am! I’m going to try and post more about this particular endeavor in the hopes that A) it will keep me honest and motivated, and 2) it may help anyone else who might spy this blog to do the same. You see, I was on a great weight loss / fitness journey in which I lost more than 50 lbs, and then abruptly just came to a complete halt in early 2011. I’ve since gained a little more than 40 lbs BACK. I’m older. I look worse. I feel worse. And dammit – I know better!

So, as I try to not nag my maturing boy into the ground (he’s nearly 19, and struggling to figure his own shit out and has his “deaf” ears on [like we ALL did]) – I am looking for things to occupy my time and brain. There is this great line in “Heart of Dixie”, and I wish I could remember it verbatim. But one Southern Belle is talking to the lead, Zoe who is being particularly anal and insane in her need to not over-analyze everything – and basically the Belle recommends a hobby, “here in the south we call them ‘projects'”. Or something to that effect. However, it has stuck with me, and even my family knows what I mean when I say I need a new project – and then we quote “Heart of Dixie” (true story). Anyway – I’m my own “project”. This blog may truly start to do something as well and be a project of it’s own.

As of today I’m 3.5 lbs down of the weight goal I put on my Fitbit (I have a Fitbit Charge HR) goal tracker. Only 44.5 more to go! Anyone else have a Fitbit? I LOVE IT! And I have to admit I got a little excited when I saw the Fitbit Alta’s!. Is it wrong to think I might want to get one? (NO HR monitoring tho….)

MOVIE and TV Stuff

pride-and-prejudice-and-zombies-poster-1I saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies last night and what a hoot. I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen and have read her novels – some more than once. I’m a huge fan of several of the film adaptations and definitely watch one or more of them at least once every; perhaps twice. I never did read the little novel that this film is based upon (which in and of itself is a book based upon another book). But the movie is a ton of fun. I cannot imagine that those who are NOT fans of the novels and other film adaptations, and the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in general may enjoy it as much as those of us that do. Maybe I’m wrong. Let me tell you that the ONE KEY SCENE in which Mr. Darcy confesses to Elizabeth that he likes her against his will – is the BEST scene in this movie. And I think that many fans will agree with me that Jane Austen would have loved to buck propriety a little and written it like this film’s version. OH BOY. For that scene alone, I will purchase the damned DVD when it comes out. Go see it folks – it is a bit campy – but all entertaining and fun. And Lily James is fantastic. Utterly fantastic. On a last note, Matt Smith is possibly my favorite Mr. Collins – completely delightfully goofy. WATCH IT!

I watch a few shows, but mostly I talk about “Arrow”, and how much I love Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen. Together. Apart. Whatever. As I watch this season unfold, I’m continuously gratified that the writers are really taking great care with how they write the Olicity relationship as a modern grown up relationship based upon common ground, respect, communication, loyalty, and trust. They are doing such a great job. Conversely I am sitting on pins and needles every week waiting for the “Oliver’s keeping a secret and lying to Felicity about what he’s doing in Central City” bomb to drop and it is tearing at my enjoyment a bit. It is the one dark mark for me this year that Oliver would do this – even if at some level it is understandable. Because really – he should know better.

Oh and I cannot stand the Island flashbacks. They are the WORST this year. I’m sure the tie in is with the drug that Dhark is feeding his folks to keep them compliant but enough already. Even Stephen Amell doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself, and he has NO chemistry with the gal that he is “saving” and I’m sure will have a relationship with at some point. The only bright spot in those damned flashbacks is Conklin who knows that Oliver cannot be believed or trusted and yet continues to get defeated when he sets up Oliver for discovery. HE is fun to watch.

Things I’d like to write / share more about:

  • Podcasts I listen to
  • Books I’m reading
  • Tips to stay motivated @ not being a lard ass
  • Figuring out this stage for parents as our kids are “detaching”
  • My odd obsession with gadgets, Android, and figuring out my next cell phone

Thanks for reading, share your comments, and see you next time! (I’ve got a date with my oldest nephew at The Spaghetti Factory!!! Yum!)




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