Is this thing on?

Do you ever wonder why we feel the need to be heard or seen? Why we write in journals but never show them or publish them to anyone who would know they were OURS? Why so many of us that don’t have public faces go onto Twitter, Blogger, or now WordPress (hello) to create little spaces for themselves online?

I do. I wonder. I have done it for years – starting fansites back in the day, posting to LiveJournal, testing out Blogger, having mobile Twitter and Tumblr accounts. And here I am again. On WordPress. On my new Chromebook.

I bought a new Chromebook, and while it isn’t my first mobile type of device, it is my first laptop. Typing on the keyboard will take a wee bit to get used to (the spacing). It’s a nifty little device and I imagine that I’ll feel the need to share info about it as I go.

But in the meantime, this is me saying hi to the net. Again.