Why do I only like Sara as Black Canary?!


So there is this little (kind of fun and awesome) show on the CW network, called “Arrow”. So much fun. So much action. So much of the pretty. But dammit. Oliver and Sara? YUCK YUCK YUCK. She is a terrible sister and she is getting in the way of my beloved Felicity. My irreplaceable Felicity. Oh and her mouth (Sara) is funny when she talks…is that wrong of me to say out loud? But I do quite enjoy her as Black Canary (something about the mask and uber blondie wig that blows in the wind*just right*).

Back to my topic – I really dislike Sara and Oliver messing around in the bedroom. Sparring? Sure! She does bring something to the dynamic with her kick butt ways (watching her, Digg, and Oliver compare scars was fun) but their personal relationship is too muddled and riddled with …tragedy and frankly stupidity. Couple that with the strained relationship between her and Laurel (her sister) – and it is just incredibly reckless and selfish for these two to try and have a “thing” they do other than fighting big meanies in the dark.

‘ arrow_blackcanary_saralance

Do I love the idea of Felicity of Oliver together? I do. Do I think it will really come to fruition…no. Or at least not the way they are painting this story – and in the efforts of trying to follow the comics (from what I understand). So I just enjoy their little moments and know that romantic or not- their relationship is completely solid and unique in its own way. “Don’t worry Felicity, you will always be my girl”, Oliver assures Felicity in this week’s episode.

tumblr_inline_mnip6lBXQZ1qz4rgp (No this isn’t a cap of this week’s moment, but he did have his usual hand caress in place thank you very much.)

In addition, this season does seem a little bogged down with romance or partners for Oliver. And while the action is still good; it has detracted from solid time spent with Digg (and his own storyline) – and that is not a good thing. They have really beefed up the cast and the “inner Arrow circle”, and I get that they are trying to set up for a more mythic comic-style all out war now that Oliver has found his true calling; but sometimes less is more. And when a show starts to grow and get successful it can suffer from too much expansion.

I would love to see less bed hopping and get a break from the family drama (the Lance family doesn’t own the market on that let me tell you …Thea is WHOSE daughter?!) I actually think that Oliver just needs to RELAX. He needs to not make any decisions of the heart and focus on his new mission and the goals he and his team are working on. He needs to focus on training/helping Roy and figuring out who is in town with the Miraku (sp?). If he happens to have some more Felicity  (or rather “Olicity” moments…well who would complain about that?! 200_sNot me. Not one single bit.


He could go all the way!!!


After seeing 4+ of his cousins smooshed on our driveway in the last rain we had, this dude booked it.

R.I.P. Egon the Great


R.I.P. Egon the Great

Oh Mr. Harold Ramis. You were a treasure and you will be sorely missed. And on the day I decided I really like driving my clutch in my cheap cowboy boots too….RIP, man.

Is this thing on?


Do you ever wonder why we feel the need to be heard or seen? Why we write in journals but never show them or publish them to anyone who would know they were OURS? Why so many of us that don’t have public faces go onto Twitter, Blogger, or now WordPress (hello) to create little spaces for themselves online?

I do. I wonder. I have done it for years – starting fansites back in the day, posting to LiveJournal, testing out Blogger, having mobile Twitter and Tumblr accounts. And here I am again. On WordPress. On my new Chromebook.

I bought a new Chromebook, and while it isn’t my first mobile type of device, it is my first laptop. Typing on the keyboard will take a wee bit to get used to (the spacing). It’s a nifty little device and I imagine that I’ll feel the need to share info about it as I go.

But in the meantime, this is me saying hi to the net. Again.