How many hard boiled eggs can YOU eat?


The answer is (2) every single damned day. Every. Single Damned. Day. (Weight Watchers = 2 pts each) Thankfully I don’t get sick of routine repetitive meals. It is what is helping me to stay on track with losing weight – as well as keep my budget in check. And the eggs are good protein that tide me over every morning at work until lunch. THEN I really pack in the protein! 🙂

So yesterday was my Week 2 Completion/Weigh In day (and start of the new week all in one). I’m happy to report was I down 2.4 lbs since the previous week; which brings the weight down a total of 3.4 lbs. Baby steps people – baby steps! I ate ALL of my Daily Points, Weekly Points and really dipped into my Fit Points too. (Thank goodness I earn a lot of those!) But I figure I have to fuel my body and I’m just working on making smarter choices. (The only real big change is I have upped my daily fruit intake considerably; the veggies are about the same.). But all in all I’m pretty pleased thus far with my progress and the program in general. I don’t feel as if I’m starving or deprived of foods. I have had french fries, and even a few pieces of Halloween Candy. It is really is about portions folks!

10-29-16-weekly-miles10-29-16-weekly-stepsWhile I am not walking every single day – that is only to make sure that I do not re-injure my right foot – I am walking a LOT. Last week (Oct 23 Sun – Oct 29 Sat) I completed a total of 67,951 steps and 29.19 miles. Now that is regular stepping and the specific exercise walks. I’ve included photos here.

I’m feeling pretty damned good about this particular bit of improvement and progress. It helps that I’ve been partaking in Fitbit Challenges as well!


Wednesday walk and view. I have to move quickly with the light fading!

I hope your week is going well. I feel like I want to talk a bit about some TV stuff but I need to put my thoughts together a bit better! Happy Hump Day!


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