Walking, Weight Watchers, and The Walking Dead


I’m not entirely sure of TV this year and I’m changing my bad health patterns. But let’s talk TV first!!!

The Walking Dead: I wasn’t emotionally wrung out after watching the Season 7 premiere, at least not like I had thought I might be.

I expected Glenn to be killed as it had happened this way in the comic (from what I understand). And I had expected that we’d lose more than one. My reasoning for this was due to the size of the cast – of the core group – and frankly I just didn’t see how all of them would be able to sit still and not react to Negan’s butchery. So it went down and it did go down in a different way that I envisioned. But there it was. I know that the heartache and tears will come in later episodes as we watch the group truly deal with their own sorrow over losing both Glenn and Abraham – as well as deal with their very very dire straights.

I have to say that I’ve always been a fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I didn’t want him to come on and play such a baddie. But hot damn he is SO GOOD. Truly devilish and mesmerizing to watch. I do think that the creators did a pretty solid job of showcasing just how evil the man is as well as just how horrible Rick and his group’s lives are going to be. It was brutal and quick and truly shocking to witness. Well done AMC.

Having said that, IF this entire season is ONLY about being oppressed, without any hope and/or stirrings of our group (and The Kingdom?) to fight back and have a war of good vs. evil – I may have to stop watching. Otherwise, what would be the damned point?

Arrow: Okay we’re 3 episodes into Season 5, and for the most part, I am enjoying the soft reboot shades of S1 and S2.

The Bratva flashbacks are truly good. Seeing Oliver and Felicity work together and still have much of their conversation style still the same has been good to see. Yes, I do ship Olicity. No I don’t want them together at all odds – I only want them together if/when it makes sense and WILL stick. I will take them still being close and interacting with each other like they always did (before the lame Mama Drama of last year) over anything else.

I’m not enjoying watching Oliver NOT be the Mayor. I get that he is struggling to create this new team and so his time is being spent on his night job – but frankly – watching him enter rooms and then vacate to leave poor Thea and now Lance to clean up everything is really LAME. Tiring. Boring. So they need to up the Mayor factor and get him more involved rather than showing up for photo ops – OR he needs to stop being the Mayor. This particular aspect of the show does diminish my enjoyment of it overall.

Tobias Church, being played by “I can’t even protect a harmless baby Tyrese” from The Walking Dead has been kind of fun. I actually point out how he really seems so different in his new life rather than when he wimped out and couldn’t protect Judith and kill zombies when he needed to. This has upped my enjoyment factor as I watch this season.

I’m on the fence over the new recruits. They have been fun to watch here and there, but also kind of….lackluster. Curtis is still always funny, but I’m surprised at how clumsy they portray him at times.  Thus far Felicity’s new boyfriend is very humdrum and boring and quite a surprise. I had hoped that they would choose someone much more engaging and interesting for us to watch. But perhaps this is their plan as she and Oliver should (right?) find their way back to each other. Either way, he has been even harder to watch because nothing about him thus far has been interesting in the slightest. I find the new DA much more interesting and I alternately trust and don’t trust him.

On to the “weighty” issues!

As I have touched before, I’m a big girl that didn’t grow up a big girl. I’m not even sure why I feel the need to categorize myself that way. I mean, truthfully, I’ve been “big” now for more years than my “youth” would actually entail. I just think it that it is important to establish that I didn’t always have issues with weight and all of the childhood trauma and issues that would come with it (being made fun of, bullied, ostracized, etc.). I was always fairly trim and somewhat athletic (casually so, by means of a gym membership etc). No – I got pregnant and got hit with the fat stick that just kind of seemed to stick around. Add to the the depression and strain (and hyper focus on raising my son solo) after my divorce and BOOM. I’m a big girl now.

Anyway, here I am on a weight loss journey. AGAIN. The last time I went from 225 (approx 2007) down to 158 (Fall of 2010 -within 8 lbs of my first goal weight). That’s right – you read that right. It took a couple of years but I did it. AND I remember how great I felt. I honestly cannot tell you what changed. I simply do not know or remember what was going on to where I stopped paying attention. But I do remember after regaining 25lbs or so that it started to make me very sad. And I was horribly disappointed in myself. It’s probably safe to say that I allowed that feeling to snowball. Well. Shit. I’m starting to stare down the barrel towards 50 years old and I just cannot take it anymore.

I’ve taken a step in this that I think is needed and also joined Weight Watchers.

Pertinent Weight Watchers Facts:

  • Weigh In Day: Tuesdays
  • Joined Monday, 10/17/16
  • Starting Weight (SW): 202
  • Week 1 Weight (10/25/16): 201
  • Current Weight (CW): 198.5 (my official weigh in is Tues 11/1/16 for Week 2)

The new Smart Points System takes some getting used to. It isn’t strictly about calories. It really is about encouraging healthier choices and food combinations. When I briefly had done Weight Watchers back in 2007(?) it was more tailored towards calorie counting – which DOES work. But this new system should work as well – and we’ll see. I’m used to tracking what I eat on other tools like MyFitness Pal, etc. But right now I’m only going to track on Weight Watchers as going back and forth between pure calorie counting and their points gets a little confusing. One of the greatest changes I see within Weight Watchers now is that they also let you build up Fit Points. So you have Daily Points, Weekly Points (to use as you wish), and the Fit Points that you earn based upon activity. (And Weight Watchers does sync/pull info from your activity trackers! In my case from my Fitbit).

I’ve also been able to get back to walking!

Earlier in the year I was really starting to do a lot of walking (even posted a few times) but ended up really injuring my right heel right at the beginning of the summer. (Let’s face it the extra weight I’m carrying has to play a factor, too) I self diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis and took some time off. Now I’m back. I have a great shoe with custom made inserts. I massage my feet and pay attention to when it really hurts and all seems to be well.

I currently am using my beloved Fitbit Alta for my step tracking. I had tried last year’s Fitbit Charge HR but it just didn’t work as well as I had hoped. I switched to the Alta and love the slim design and movement reminders – and the ability to change out the bands if I wish (I have teal and gray).  Now that I’ve upped my walking activity again, as well as joining Weight Watchers, I’m starting to look at the Fibit Charge 2 as a potential to use when specifically on my walks to track heart rate, and overall conditioning. From what I’ve read the changes to it are really pretty good, AND, you can switch out bands on these. However, it is $150 that I just cannot talk myself into spending when my Alta tracks the steps just fine. I currently use the S-Health app on my phone to check HR (Heart Rate) while walking to keep an eye on myself. While I dislike hopping back and forth between apps – it’s a good band-aid for now.

Here are my walking photos/screencaps from today!


If you know of any other good walking, weight loss blogs, let me know. If you wish to follow each other – let me know! If you wanna dish TV or anything, let me know!




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