Everybody’s walking for the weekend…


I did get in some great walks this week (AND this morning too). I didn’t mean to skip the posting this week, but there is a lot going on – so I was just busier than normal. Anyway, my hope is there may be 1 or 2 people that may read this and be inspired by another older/heavier person enjoying walking and looking to be healthier as we get older (and NOT heavier!). This post is for YOU!


Mother’s Day Walk – 2 mi – Took forever with everyone involved!


Tuesday’s walk; around 2.3 miles but Fitbit didn’t document it for some reason

Even on Mother’s Day I got a walk in. But it was my sister, mom, and me – along with my sister’s 3 kids. We did walk 2 miles but it took FOREVER. Either way I was glad to see them all out there with me. Tuesday’s walk (the pic on the right) was about 2.3 miles but for some reason my Fitbit didn’t log it as such. I had better luck with Wednesday (5/11/2016) walk and then this morning’s walk. (Below


Wed 5/11/2016


Sat 5/14/2016

I love the fact that when I go out for my walks I’m always seeing people out and about. There are a lot of people that are older than me out there; and it is such a great thing. I still managed to get my walk in before anyone was up this morning too. (Although really sometimes being a morning person can be a little frustrating as I wait for people to get UP!)

I did change my food plan to lose 1/2 lb per week rather than 1lb and we’ll see if that works better for me. It’s still too soon to tell. But I’m still struggling with making sure I stop eating 3 hours before bed (and not be hungry). Each day I continue to try. I’ll get there. My sister IS borrowing my other Fitbit and my fingers are crossed that she will get some measure of inspiration from it. Please cross your fingers too!

If you are walking with me, what is your goal? I’m currently on a 4 times/week goal and finding that on the days where I don’t walk, I do feel a little odd about it. Not guilty, per se, but just that feeling that I COULD go and get a few more steps in. I consider this a very positive development. That tells me that I should be able to up the ante to 5 times/week in no time. For now, I’m not pushing it as I really don’t want to overdo anything on my feet and shins/tensions. I’d hate to injure something and then not be able to walk at all!

My Listening this week included music from my Google Play Music Library (my own songs, as well as songs that I get for the monthly subscription). I highly recommend “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake from the movie, “Trolls”. Highly infectious – and could quite possibly be the song of the summer. Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feeling) I also listened to more Podcasts, as is my way. This morning was the most recent Chris Gethard “Beautiful Stories by Anonymous People” – 4 kids 0 sex. Give him a try!

I’ll end this post with a little note about my son. I love him. More than anything in the world. But I’m sick and tired of his mouth and attitude. I’m in the works to get him to decide to move out. He needs some cold hard doses of reality in order to grow into a man. I’m in the process of improving my life and hitting my next stage without having to mother him all of the time. He’s 19. Time for the training wheels to come off.


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