There be woodpeckers about! /argh..


Try reading that title in a pirate accent would ya? That is the only reason for the horrible grammar. Thanks!

So this morning, I made myself sleep in an extra hour and THEN I got up and went for another walk. AGAIN I spent a few minutes stretching my lower legs a bit more to help curb any possible shin/tendon pain. (Huge success – and I will never go out for a walk again without taking the time to stretch – and neither should you.) Here is the recap photo of my walk this morning.

I’m getting faster (when I want to!)…

My first split was slow due to responding to a message from my boss, but also due to starting slowly in order to make sure that I didn’t stress the lower legs out. Listen – I’m an old lady ok??! I will always start slowly and then go faster. Although to be fair my version of fast is not the same as some folks. I am pleased looking at these split times to know that I was continuing to increase my speed even with a few mild inclines. Good for me! One of the aspects of success for me is to acknowledge my limits and to be realistic – but also to cheer when I improve. No matter how small. Everyone should find it in themselves to cheer! Like I’ve said before grab all of the bits of inspiration that you can to make sure you continue.

Today’s walk was particularly fun as I saw a lady walking her (2) small dogs, AND her cat. Well the cat (Boots) was jogging along behind them. Boots tried to come and say hi to me, but we were on a busy stretch of the road and I gently shooed him along back to his posse. It was the cutest thing. AND then nearing home, I heard the woodpecker that I had heard last night. AWESOME! We have at least one woodpecker in our neighborhood! Have you ever heard a woodpecker? It DOES sound a little like Woody Woodpecker from the days of old – but a lot louder than you might think. And certainly more “solid” sounding in the pecks. I don’t know any other way to describe it. Actually, wait here is a video to illustrate!

That isn’t all I was listening to….

Today I was chose (again) to listen to a podcast, rather than music. Today’s podcast, was “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People” starring Chris Gethard. 1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred – that is the premise of the podcast. Today’s episode was from May 3, “Up All Night” where a nurse called in. It was a lovely episode to listen to while on a walk where I am taking steps to be healthier in mind and body. But more than that, it was a reminder that nurses are people too. They provide services where so many will not. So be kind, courteous, and respectful to them. They are your allies; they are your loved/ailing one’s allies. And they ARE people too.

And then I thought I might chew my arm off…

After my walk this morning I was SO hungry! Last night I was really good after my dinner and didn’t eat anything in the evening afterwards (which as we all know can be a really tricky thing to do). So cooked up 3 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, some coffee, and some pineapple. YUMMY! (No I didn’t cook up the pineapple, thank you very much!). Now the pineapple is a little more sugary than I might have wanted but boy did it taste good! The goal of course was to load up on the protein to help stave off hunger. And so I then went into MyFitnessPal for some more reading. Often they have truly great articles; and today there was one about hunger after running. NO I don’t run – but work with me! Here is the article, “6 Tips to Manage Post-Run Hunger”. I don’t presume to know everything about dieting, exercising, eating right, or anything of the sort. But I have read a lot and experienced big successes – enough to know that I should continue to read more!  Especially as the particular journey I’m on right now is a little different than ones I’ve traveled in the past.

Read with me. Listen with me. Eat with me. Learn with me. Walk with me!


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