jenn’s mom walks (today!)..


I’m beginning to wonder if my talking about the enjoyment I’m getting from walking is feeling a little contagious with the family. My mom went on a 2.92 mile walk with me at the reservoir. My sister last week said she’d like to try and go sometimes – but that is going to be tough. She is super busy with work, husband, and my nephews. I really hope that my sister will in fact go sometimes – I would worry less about her. But that is another story for another day.

Now – question for anyone that can answer me? I turned the GPS on my phone and then proceeded to start tracking the walk with both my Fitbit and S-Health apps. Why would S-Health state 2.92 miles and Fitbit would state 2.84? The phone (S-Health) was in my backpack, while the Fitbit Alta was naturally on my wrist. I just wonder as to why they would be dissimilar in mileage when they were using GPS from my phone?! If anyone can help me to understand – I’d greatly appreciate it. (I’ve included a few photos from today’s walk below.)

Not my dog

Hi Mom

I stuck with Mom for the first half of the walk and then plugged into my Google Play Music (starting with Prince’s “Baby, I’m a Star” and then random shuffled it). I don’t always listen to music – often I listen to Podcasts. Today, however, there were many small inclines and what not on the trail (nice mild interval training there!) around the reservoir – so I chose the music. I needed all the motivation I could get to push myself to go up the inclines a wee bit faster than normal.

My favorite Podcasts are: Sarah and Vinnie (from Alice 97.3), Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend, and Sorry Not Sorry w/Jenna Kim Jones. I will listen to This American Life sometimes, as well as Serial (loved both seasons) and Undisclosed. I even sometimes grab some episodes from Nerdist, and Quiver – which is based upon the TV Show, “Arrow”. But the staple of my Podcast listening are the first 3 that I listed. They are consistently funny, and the folks on them involve you with their daily lives – they are the best friends you’e never met!

What do you listen to when you walk?


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