You’re a bitch.


The hike that killed me

What a weekend. After going on an uphill (yes both ways) hike that really did have a lot of flat ground to cover on Saturday, I’ve been relatively in a “lightly-destroyed” mode. (Or more aptly in my impression of a crone mode) Meaning I cannot move with any grace at all, and I haven’t slept much. This morning I find myself home from work feeling like crap, sore, and yet oddly bubbly over things I watched. My brain – it’s a blessing. And a curse. (Thank you, “Monk”, for that ever so useful quote).


Where’s Waldo? Look closely you CAN see me!

Things I watched….

  • The entire Samsung MWC 2016 presentation on YouTube (not live)
  • Downton Abbey S6.E8 (finale before the LAST episode ever – Christmas)
  • The Walking Dead S6.E10 “The Next World”
  • The Talking Dead S5.E10 (w/Nathan Fillion & ah….BIG romance reaction)

Samsung MWC 2016

Image result for cell phone memes

I don’t know why, but I watch a lot of videos on gadgets. Mostly the gadgets are cell phones, but I watch all sorts of things. I cannot afford even 1/8th of the items I learn about – but I like knowing about them. This year I plan to get a new cellphone as Lenovo/Moto has abandoned my Moto X 2014 to the wind. Great phone. Awful lack of support and updates. It boggles the mind actually why they chose to not provide service for a premium device such as this – but what the hell do I know? Fickle bastards and goodbye Moto after years of loyalty. (/insert middle finger here)

It was a great presentation and I have to admit that I’m very excited about the changes and improvements to the Galaxy S line. I’m ecstatic that they seemed to have trimmed TouchWiz down a bit. It will never be as “clean” as the Moto X line (close to stock Android), but it is a lot better. I love the fact that the size of the screen is still 5.1″. I do not like the trend that so many Android phones are going into phablet-land. I have a tablet that I do not ever use. I have a Chromebook that I use frequently. (I’m typing on it right now!) I have a PC computer that I use when I wish. And I have my current phone. It fits in my pockets. It fits in my purses. It fits (mostly) in my hand – as with the 5.2″ it is nearly too big. So thumbs up to Samsung to keep to 5.1″ even while they offer 5.5″ Edge option.

I’ve been thinking of going straight to a Nexus phone in order to ensure that I always get the most recent software. The 2015 6P was way too big and the 5X has had a lot of mixes in terms of reviews. So I’m looking to see what 2016 offers. But right? Samsung you are right in the front there with all of the changes and improvements. (Penny saving time!)

Image result for downton abbey meme

I usually loathe this idiot.



Downton Abbey


I hate that we only have one more episode (on March 6th) of this show. I have loved and watched it from the beginning. I have hooked my mother (a couple of seasons ago) and then finally my sister just a couple of months ago. We get together each Sunday and watch with delight each week (Walking Dead as well but that is coming below). I’m so very sad to see that I will not get to engage with the folks of Downton Abbey anymore. This show has been of the best scripted, directed, and acted shows I’ve watched. The consistency in quality is bar none. Perhaps that is due to the seasons only having around 8 episodes (plus their Christmas episodes). Whatever the reason, I will miss it horribly.

One of the biggest highlights of last night’s episode was the big catfight between Mary and her sister, Edith. There have been nasty asides, and comments, and little tiffs over the years. But last night, a finally grown and mature Edith (I mean honestly, I only started to like her THIS season) tells the WAY OUT OF LINE AND BULLYING MARY off. Calls her a bitch. Twice. Maybe three times. It was calmly delivered without much screaming and incredibly shocking and impactful. REALLY well done. EVERYONE (except for Carson of course) actually set Mary down at different points. We’ve seen Mary be very vain and intolerable (usually mostly in respect to Edith), but we’ve never really seen Mary so blatantly miserable and ugly in manner and demeanor. God that was some good stuff!

I have to give a small shout-out to Mosely who is finally finding some confidence and pride. He really is a kind man, and it is nice to see the payoff. That was a lovely little treat amidst the big drama in the big house. I cannot even touch upon how low Barrow went; that man confounds me. He is such an odd mix and has no one to blame for the state of his life but himself, and he knows it. But gah…you do feel for him. Meanie.

On a side note, last night’s episode was the first one that I didn’t hate Daisy in many seasons.

Image result for the walking dead season 6 richonne

This said it all


The Walking Dead

It was the most light-hearted episode I can think of. It’s been two (2) months since everyone was reunited and the walkers were removed from Alexandria. We finally got to see Darryl and Rick go on a shopping run together. I cannot remember the last time the two were partnered up. It was great and actually fun. Poor Darryl still recuperating from his recent run-in’s with bad groups. And I guess he hasn’t told Rick about that yet?!

Enter in this Jesus character that I know nothing about. I haven’t read the comics. I’m unwilling to automatically trust OR distrust him, however. I don’t think he is alone, but I am not sure he is with Negan. Either way – I enjoyed the hell out of him. I mean anyone that makes Rick pull a “brother moment” and swerve the car so the unconscious guy’s head falls on an already annoyed Darryl has to be kinda good, right? RIGHT?!

The moment I’ve been waiting for since Michonne went with Rick and Carl to the little town so Carl could get the photo of his dead mama FINALLY happened. It happened in the most natural and organic way possible. Chris Hardwick was dead on when he talked about folks all around the nation fist-pumping. YOU KNOW IT. I have to admit I was getting worried that the writers were NOT seeing what I was seeing – that they were going to put another unworthy weak woman in front of Rick to protect and defend. But NO. They allowed the partnership to evolve as it should – and I thank you for the quick shot at the end of their lovely muscle-y bodies at the end.

The Talking Dead

Just one thing. Why would anyone have Nathan Fillion on the show and barely talk to him? Let the man fly! /quel disappoint


I’m currently reading book 3 of the Stieg Larsson series, “Girl who Shook the Hornet’s Nest” [Girl w/Dragon Tattoo series] , and I’m a little on the fence. I just don’t know how bloated the story is going to get now. I am trying to simply read and enjoy, but I’m nervous. I miss having Lisbeth more in the forefront of the action and story. I do not wish there to be secrets upon secrets upon cover-ups; I mean more than there are already. I’m sure that wish is completely lame on my part. The amount of people involved and invested with the original and subsequent cover-ups feels like there are TOO many. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everything is going to be just fine and I’ll get to see more awesome-Lisbeth in action and have the power couple reunite (Salander-Blomkvist). I do plan to read the 4th book as well as finally watch the films.

On a last trickling thought, in terms of who is in the grave (on ARROW): Donna, Cap Lance, Laurel Lance, Thea – back in the mix.



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