Same time. . next year?


I cannot believe I left this little blog for over a year. I will admit I was running experiment over on Tumblr ( My Tumblr page – Snippets ) and it has been kind of fun. But what it really allows me is to talk all “Arrow”, Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, et al – all of the time. I have plunked out a few fun picsets and fan art and I have waxed on and on with theories and what not. It’s been great fun. I won’t give it up. But what it hasn’t turned about to be? A true real blog. The style of the site and speed in which folks toss up gifsets, and other media doesn’t really lend itself to the type of more traditional blog I’m used to.  And I’m old. So. Yeah. There you go.

2015 was a huge year. It seem to have been a big year for a lot of folks. My son turned 18 and graduated high school. He’s currently enrolled in JC, but on a very light schedule. There have been some growing pains there between us. Frankly a lot of the time I find it hard to be around him and that is mostly due to my lack of true detaching. Meaning – I haven’t done it yet. And I’ve been a bit of a nag truth be told. I don’t know how Mama birds toss their babies out of the nest to get them to fly. Jesus…it’s hard. But luckily my son is making it a little easier for me to find that backbone as he is at turns moody, disrespectful, rude, selfish, and a bit thuggish. I see now why so many folks have their kids go AWAY to school. You don’t have to witness them doing. . . nothing of what you’ve taught or recommended. Am I right?

2015 was also the year that I got a fairly decent raise. Changes in the workplace only proved to be beneficial for all involved. I found a new voice there. This has helped pave the way towards getting a newer (2014) automobile after driving around my 2003. I have to admit I’ll be sad to see the old car go; she’s still in pretty good condition and will do someone proud. But I just couldn’t put any more money into her. And man, do I love my new Mazda 3. Well new to me to me anyway! Anyway we’ll see where work goes; if things continue to go well and what not. There may soon come a time to think outside of the professional box as well. (And yes this is all highly cryptic – on purpose).

I need to find myself again. Find out who Jenn is. I’ve been known only as “MySon’sMom” for so many years that I’ve lost who Jenn is. What I want. What makes me happy. What I dream about. What I wish for. Who I want to be when I grow up. What my favorite drink is…NO WAIT. I know that one!!! (Hint: COFFEE)

I need to put ME first. What does that mean? Well 1) I got the new car. 2) I have gone back to tracking my daily food intake (oh ouch!) and have been wearing a Fitbit. Now I had a Fitbit Surge (that I won in a Raffle) that works great, but the band was two small. So I broke down and used some Gift money and bought a Charge HR. I love it so very much. If you have never tried a Fitbit – go do yourself a favor and do some Fitbit reading. The Charge HR is super simple to use and is nice and thin on the wrist (this is also where the Surge was not the right fit for me). The Fitbit app (I have Android) is chock full of information; just drill down into levels to see all you can do. It’s highly motivational to see your heart rate and steps – it really DOES help you to move a bit more.

Now having said all of that?! I’m still way overweight. I’m no where near where either I want or should be. It still boggles my mind that after such successful weight loss, I would allow myself to pile a good bit back on – but there you have it. I know I’m not alone. I know this happens to a lot of folks. But I’m not getting any younger here – I keep inching closer and closer to 50. I know I need to make changes now and stick to them in order to enter into my later years as strong as possible. Plus – taking better care of my body will aide in caring for my mind and soul – and overall future. Time to take ME off the back burner, as it were.

I hope to log a bit here about my progress and what not. Mostly right now I’m still at the beginning. Training myself to track all of the food I eat and to eat less/better. Hitting the gym a few times per week and getting overall more steps. I have a good trek in front of me in terms of building back up to my fitness level from 2010/2011; but what else have I got to do?? I’m not going to continue to nag my son to death right? RIGHT

My current daily steps goal is 6,000 (Fitbit defaults to 10,000) and to lose 1/2 lb per week. I plan to up my daily steps goal in February and perhaps up the diet plan to 1lb per week. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ve got a lot on my plate that I want to figure out in 2016. I have 25 books to read through Goodreads. (Wonder if I’ll ever finish Game of Thrones, Under the Dome, or Waste Lands…) I want to go through the closet in my spare room and clean it out/downsize. I may want to take a small vacation road trip. I would like to make a couple of new girlfriends/buddies. I will probably move to a new phone. I would like to drop at least 30 lbs this year; although my end goal is 50 (OUCH). Oh I want to see the new Independance Day, Fifth Wave, and Oliver and Felicity get married. Oh oops! There is that Arrow talk!

But you didn’t really think that you’d escape Arrow-free did ya?!





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