Injection smection! Botox ….? No Thanks!


The other day I was in the supermarket with my son and we saw Jada Pinkett Smith on the cover of “SHAPE” magazine. I was stunned into . . submission. But it wasn’t her lovely athletic (and probably somewhat airbrushed) form that had me stymied. It was her face. Even tho we see women all of the time that have some sort of surgery to improve their looks or postpone the effects of time; I just was struck. Jada Pinkett Smith. Why I was more struck that day over all of the other times in the past couple of years when I’ve seen her in the media I don’t know. But she just looked so – different than she used to. Altered. 

Ironically, she doesn’t look that different than so many of the women who elect to have work on their faces done in Hollywood. They all seem to start to share the same look about their eyes (and bland expressions) for one thing. I just want to know WHY? From what I can tell she really wasn’t aging poorly. Neither are so many of the women. I get that Hollywood is tough on women in general, and especially those over 35, but even women in their 20’s (where their skin is still so jacked up and plumb with youth) are dipping into this terrible cycle of destruction. Yes, destruction. People aren’t merely tactfully dying their hair, eating better and stepping up the workouts, or using top grade anti-wrinkle products (Age Defying Lotion by Oil of Olay is still awesome!), and staying out the sun. They are willingly going under the knive and allowing injections into their fragile faces. All for the sake of looking younger.


Orange bikini is current. Yellow is 5+ years ago. Drastic yeah?

But they don’t really look BETTER. Do they?! Look at these side by side images of Jada on the current cover and one 5 years ago. Orange bikini is current and yellow is 5+ years ago. Even if she is 5 years younger on the right, I can’t help but also note how more NATURAL she looks. I doubt she wouldn’t look beautiful now – it isn’t in her genes. But yet she went ahead and signed the same contract with the devil. Am I being unfair? I don’t know. But I’m over 45 and I would not dream of doing this to myself.

But are we a society that really want our women, our beauties, to look so . . bland? Plastic? ARTIFICIAL? Do these women believe they look better? Do they ever get up in the morning and look in the mirror and wish they recognized themselves? Why do they go along with this? Why on this level? What do their children and husbands think? Are we doing to be looking at Emily Bett Rickards in 15 years and she is going to have the same taught tight look on her face as Jada? Omg that would be so sad. (Emily plays my beloved Felicity on “Arrow and is utterly adorable.)

Speaking of not recognizing yourself, believe me as we age, we have those kinds of days aplenty without the aid of modern cosmetic surgery. LOL We tend to still think of ourselves in our minds as the younger women we were in our late teens and 20’s. I think that is due to our ties to music, friends, and movies around that time in our developments. But my point is that we don’t think of ourselves as OLD even as we get older. We picture ourselves as we always were…and it is hard enough to come to terms with it. To bite the bullet and entrust someone who we are PAYING is just nuts to me. Now, if I were mangled in an auto wreck or something I could understand the risk. What have you got to lose right? But otherwise? NO thank you!

Of course, my very livelihood doesn’t rely upon my looks. No one is going to pay me one dime to act in a movie or sell their product. But is it really so bleak out there for women getting older? Is the payoff worth it?

On a side note, I had this completely different idea for a blog post today that I simply cannot remember. (yay getting older!) I should have made notes but I was at work and frankly was very busy. But now I’m saddened that I cannot remember anything about what spurred the idea into my brain in the first place. Okay wait… there an injection for that?! Hmmmm?


3 thoughts on “Injection smection! Botox ….? No Thanks!

  1. It’s the eyes. Any change in the eyes can have such a massive impact on how your face looks. I guess if you have the money and you want a new look, this is what you do instead of popping down to the mall and buying a new outfit.


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