To fire or…to be fired?


This week I downloaded and started to listen to one of my favorite podcasts, “The Adam Carolla Show”, and was stunned and shocked to hear Adam opening the show with a very brief and somewhat cold announcement that the show was not going to include Alison Rosen going forward. It was the announcement that somewhat shook up the podcast world really. Four years Alison Rosen sat by Adam (and Bryan Bishop). Four fucking years and he let her go with an email over the holiday break. Alison’s timing for the well placed pun, quip, insightful question (to guest), and retort was impeccable. Frankly, as much of “one of the guys” that Alison could be, the show did benefit from her shot of estrogen into the fray. It made the show better – a bit more classy.

That isn’t to say that it was always perfect. It is true that in 2014, Alison did experience some personal trials and tragedies that really tested her emotionally. Even so I don’t feel as if Alison overrode Adam or the show’s premise in order to be center stage of her own therapy session. Perhaps men will disagree with me here – but in the long run I just don’t think she wallowed on Adam’s show. Not that Adam have let her. In truth, she has had her own successful podcast, “Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend” (since Oct 2012) where she allowed herself to talk at length over what was going on in her life. True, she built her success off of her time on the ACS, but those that stick around do so because of Alison’s talent and likability and her also very delightful “Thursday Gang” episodes. Honestly these are my very favorites to listen to. Alison has put together a loveable group of people that you feel really ARE friends – that you feel could be YOUR friends. Utterly charming, unrehearsed, and delightful. The group is comprised of Alison, Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, Chris Laxamana, Jenna Kim Jones, and Caelan Biehn. The tricky thing here is that Gary, Matt, Chris, and Caelan work for Adam. Alison has given them much more “on mic” exposure here and they do thrive – the podcast thrives. What that will mean for their ‘day jobs’ is anyone’s guess. Fingers crossed that it won’t negatively impact Alison’s podcast – and thus WE the listeners!

I tried to listen to Adam’s podcast without Alison and it just wasn’t the same. The new girl, Gina, is hard on the ears. Could I be predisposed to be on Alison’s side? You bet. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have yet to hear Gina utter anything actually . . . funny. Does Adam really only want to surround himself with “yes” people? I think that is a mistake. Again, Alison didn’t always see eye to eye with Adam – but she also never took over. She always knew it was HIS show. She is very intelligent and as I already stated, has fantastic timing. Reads things very well.  I think Adam is going to come to regret his decision to let her go and will miss those nuances in his daily broadcast. We all will. I think it would have been smarter for Adam to keep Alison’s former seat empty actually for a time. Give the community and crew time to breathe and react. Hell, he could have asked Matt or Chris to come on here and there and sit in with him and Bryan – and that would have been a smarter and more respectful move. But to put the “hack with a rack” in there on day 1? Boo.

It really was a genuine surprise to the podcast community. Adam is famous for calling out when things “do not add up”, and yet here he is letting go someone of he doesn’t view as “sidekick” material after FOUR years. Let us also not forget, she isn’t only gone from his show – she is gone from his entire network! Hmmmm? It feels as if it was something personal on his side that we’ll never know.  I mean, really – if Alison had violated some contract regulations or something she wouldn’t have been taken by surprise. Adam would have been more forthcoming. He might not have sounded so….AWKWARD.

Now here is something odd. On her 12/31/14 Thursda Gang podcast, she brings up that they never answered a previous show’s question from a listener about where the gang thought they would be in five years. As Alison muses over her desires to have written a book, have children, she also states, “Maybe I’ll still be doing the Adam Carolla show. Who knows? The last 4 years have gone by really fast..”

Anyway – this entire situation has sent me into a bit of a reel. Is it really that easy to fire someone? Do bosses really believe that firing employees after 4-5 years in a similar position is good for the employee and gets them motivated? Do companies and bosses really look around and remove productive employees like that? If so, I could very well be in some trouble here! I’ve been with my company for what will be 5 years very soon. My position has changed and grown a bit but not drastically. I am not at the moment looking to crawl the ladder as I have on lot going on outside of work to keep me stressed enough. Will that be thought of negatively? I’m reliable in attendance and performance. I haven’t been called into HR with a plethora of complaints lodged against me. Will that matter? We do have a new boss in my department. I suppose anything is possible. But really……it’s enough to make one shudder.

UPDATE JANUARY 12, 2015: Adam broke his silence and went into quite some detail his several reasons for the firing. He did this mostly at the fans’ behest. After listening to the January 11th podcast, I have to admit that he makes some very valid convincing points. Frankly, it actually makes sense for him to have let her go and I, for one, am grateful for the information as a listener. While it doesn’t paint a totally horrible picture of Alison, but it does shed some rather . . unflattering light on her. I think I was most surprised by her being so vehemently against having his logo on her podcast, when she used his studio, etc. to record it (not to mention had access to so many guests). Shocking. Anyway – I do wonder what this will mean for the recordings of the Thursday eps and her show in general. Matt, Chris, and Gary were on today to back up Adam on some specifics. This could get crunchy indeed.

I do hope that this doesn’t open up a “he said/she said” back and forth. Her show is good. She is free. Let us all move on.


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