Recasting Against Race


A very insightful read indeed. I especially loved the analyzing of why Captain America HAS to be blonde haired and blue eyed; the original Captain America that is. GREAT!

So, I pondered...

motokokusanagiOver the years there has been a push for more diversity in movies. Essentially that means that the people making movies are saying they want more people that aren’t white in their movies, but they don’t want them either. You might be thinking huh? How can they say they want more diverse people, but not want them? Well that goes back to their long standing tradition. White people make up the majority of the actors in movies. When a movie starring a primarily white cast fails, they move on to the next one. When a movie starring a primarily minority cast, they take a step back and re-evaluate the risks. Thus we end up seeing minority actors composing small portions of a movie. The real issue that we are running in to is the desire to have a more diverse cast intersecting with the popularity of remakes, reboots, and bringing…

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