Help a gal would ya?


I would like to know the best way to find other bloggers within WordPress that may or may not have similar interests and/or posts. What is the best way to search through and find? I am not even sure how some folks have ended up on MY little blog… your input and experience is welcome and requested!



2 thoughts on “Help a gal would ya?

  1. no clue how to do it within wordpress. I kind of blog hopped from one blog I liked to whoever they followed and gave them a run for a bit to build my rss feed. Also, blogs that have weekly recaps of posts can introduce me to new blogs I like. But, again, not all of them are wordpress….


    • I often wonder which is the best format (wordpress, blogger, tumblr, etc) to have a blog and also find others. I just can’t seem to come up with the “right” one. Yours (author page) doesn’t appear to be either/any of those. But yes I agree with hopping around and check out who follows who but…having trouble with that as well!


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