Shit. Shite. And all that shitted.


SHIT. I had paragraphs of venting that while writing them made me feel better, I deleted them in order to be able to post and not manage to get myself fired. Sigh. This applies to the work situation and chaos there right now. I’m fine – I’m not worried about me – but I am worried about a truly cool solid worker and annoyed by another that we may end up carrying, despite proof they are not up to the task. Again – that is UBER vague. But DAMN. Or rather, SHIT.

SHITE. Teenagers really do test us. I have one. He is a great kid. But the lack of any kind of sense of self-propulsion has me worried. Is it a boy thing? Is it simply a symptom of the world we (my generation) has helped to create for them? I mean they have it so damned easy. We have to accept the blame for this – but wowowowow! He is graduating this year and I still find myself checking in every day, “Did you do..?” “Don’t forget to..” UGG I must simply put tape on my mouth I think. I have told him he has to learn to think for himself and start learning to cook, etc. as he is growing up and he cannot use me as a crutch. So I have to remove myself from being the crutch. I HAVE TO REMOVE MYSELF FROM BEING THE CRUTCH. SHITE.

ALL THAT SHITTED.  Getting old sucks. I mean it is better than the alternative, right? Alternative = death of course. Or being a paraplegic that cannot wipe their own nether regions. I don’t feel old inside. So many of us do not. But my body hugely disagrees with me. My once luxurious hair is a thing of the past. At times my once solid brain and memory disagree with me. My eyes certainly like to laugh at me as I try to simultaneously see smaller print and combat where my distance vision starts to fuzz out. I have needed bifocals for at least a year now, but I haven’t jumped on board. (I should since I have to zoom in to read what I’m typing right now…..)

Ironically, as I move into this older stage of life, I find I have way more confidence than I ever have had in terms of my viewpoints on the world. More confidence in my own worth and abilities. More confidence to make the decisions (sometimes hard) socially that are better for me. Although really – who I am kidding? Some of those social decisions arn’t THAT hard; who wants to hang out with a squinty thin haired forgetful gal?! ALL THAT SHITTED.

In other nonsense, I simply love Taylor Swift. That girl can write a HOOK. I’m truly enjoying Stephen King’s “11/22/63”. As a big of a TV fan, I am suddenly behind on several shows. And I treated myself to my yearly tech splurge and upgraded both my cell phone (MOTO X 2nd gen) and laptop (Toshiba Chromebook 2) – AWESOME. And no guilt involved. (Another sign of maturity, eh?!)

Enjoy this best of the daylight savings….


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