More on the Walking Dead…

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)

This image truly paints the picture of not only how bleak the situation looked for our group, but also illustrates – IT AIN’T OVER YET! So much to admire and love from a show that continues to impress and could just be the best overall show on TV right now. Yes – even with Zombies.

Take a look over there ———-> Doesn’t look good does it? No sirree, Bob it does not. I have not been able to get last night’s Season 5 Premiere out of my head. I know – I know – a show about zombies. But really it isn’t a show about zombies, we just are lucky enough to see new and creative zombie killing/deaths each week while we are faced with some terrible truths that surface about PEOPLE. More specifically, the choices people make and the lies they tell themselves over and over again in order to justify in their minds why they might just be the truest vision of pure evil in a practically hopeless existence.

I won’t spoil those who haven’t watched by spilling the beans about the cure or the fact that it was only a nasty dream Rick had while in his post-car-crash-outlaw-shootout-coma. Nope you won’t hear any of that from ME. Suffice it to say that last night’s season premiere was definitely in the top 10 best of list and one that picked immediately up where season 4 left off – and didn’t let up for one second. Not even for one second. We got to see some old tactics come back to work brilliantly, some old faces, and people getting over certain emotionally crippling humps that were bound to be their downfall. (Yes Tyrese, I mean you – man I hope you have simpered for the last time. JESUS MAN)

Interestingly enough, we’re faced again with just how far justice should be carried in a world where there are so few left alive. True evil does exist and should be combated – but the question of just how far one should take that fight was raised and nearly answered – until then sidetracked. I do hope they revisit it and come up with an answer.

Someone at work today said that they think that the Terminus group is possibly a foreshadowing of where Rick and our group can go. I don’t believe it. I know Rick has shown us some nasty sides to himself as he struggles to fill the role that has been thrust upon him repeatedly, while raising his son, and trying to still be a man he can live with and maybe respect. My gut tells me that we’ve actually seen just how far he is willing to let himself go – and we won’t go there again. Some of what he stated should happen last night wasn’t filled with vengeance, fear, or hatred – but more matter of fact. Some thing should simply not be allowed to exist. I don’t think that people should mistake that for insanity or his own dip into anything similar to what the people at Terminus were perpetuating. Dog bites people repeatedly – dog gets put down. You know?

The emotional rollercoaster we went on last night was one I don’t think we’ve taken before. We’ve had episodes filled with grief and fear, but not then also including moments of actual pure joy. We were treated to them all. In some ways it was as if the group had been holding their breath – waiting to come up from underwater. I guess we got a glimpse when Glenn and Tara did find Maggie last season but even so – that wasn’t even on the same level as last night.

No our group isn’t in any danger of fueling up the BBQ’s and looking around themselves for the next tasty tidbit. Our group will fight to remain HUMAN and survive.

Last note – I would like to see Andrew Lincoln receive an Emmy please. Most of the cast is totally solid, but Rick? Forgetaboutit!

Completely off topic – I’m not sure why but I’m currently reading “Dark Places”, by Gillian Flynn. Yes the same author that pissed me off so royally when I read “Gone Girl”. Why do I do this to myself?! I’m not sure of what I think of the book yet, except to say that this gal might be a bit twisted. And not in the fun Stephen King way…


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