Summer Obsessions…


So. It’s summer time. A time for a single mom like me to be able to let loose a wee bit and not stress over a teen boy and homework issues (or avoidance). A time to try and figure out how to motivate my lazy ass to move more and workout (………………… comment). A time to get caught up on the DVR recordings and Hulu Queues (Arrow, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory – check). A time to….? Hmm what else?

Obsess over Olicity of course. Try my hand at Pinterest (huh what?!). Read even more about Mistweaver Monks and the upcoming Warlords of Draenor (much excitement!)! Painstakingly plan and save to get a tuneup for my car, haircut for my head, and my son’s Senior Photographs purchased. (…a Senior. He is going to be a senior). Ok that is too real. Too painful. So I’ll just stop babbling and share these little pretties..that have to do with my summer obsessions!

Khellan Screenshot_2014-06-11-09-02-43When it comes to the TV Show “Arrow” – I will say this. I am happy to watch any scene in which Oliver and Felicity are onscreen together. It just doesn’t matter if they ever go romantic (which is not in the comics, I know) or not. The chemistry and nuances between the two actors as these characters is simply magical. The characters are deeply connected and invested in each other for so many things other than romance. So keep it all coming.

When it comes to my lovely Mistweaver (Khellan, U.S. Lightbringer) – she is the most fun toon for me to play. I’m not the best, I don’t stream, but I do ok. If you happen to play the game I spend way too much time on, check out monks. They are so damned fun. (My son plays 4 Windwalkers fyi…) I cannot wait to see how things go in the upcoming expac and only hope they don’t ruin us.

Ciao for now


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