Super Bad….


My son has recently watched “Super Bad” and wanted me to watch it with him (after he watched 2x already). So I did. I mean I like Seth Rogan, right? Well – dammit. I must be OLD. “Super Bad” wasn’t bad per se, but… is definitely a movie for boys. BOYS. Last time I looked..I hadn’t grown a penis.

Make no mistake there were some laughs to be had. But not only in the movie – but in the show that was mom and son watching it together. I was amused watching and listening to my (nearly 17 year old) son look nervous at times over all of the raunchy sex-obsessed talk and cursing. He felt he needed to warn me or explain sometimes as the movie went on. So cute. I mean – he probably forgets that I did grow up – and was a hormone driven teenager at one point. I even went to parties and did some drinking and groping *gasp!*

In that respect I quite loved the movie; but only really for what it represented with the two of us watching together, and moving out of high school in general. There were 2 sweet moments – between Seth and Ethan as best friends seeing their futures sort of splinter, and Fogel with the cops that remembered what being a loser was like. Those moments were lovely surprises wrapped in a way over the top drunk fest boobie grab. The real problem of the film was the middle – after a strong start and strong finish. Seems that Seth Rogan felt he needed to put in a big brutal and stupid fight in order to move the boys along…meh. Not needed.

But – hey – now I’ve seen the movie. Perhaps my son and I are better for it. One thing is for certain, I simply do not like Jonah Hill as an actor. I don’t like to watch him at all; and I’ve seen him a few times now. Blah blah blah. Does nothing for me except perhaps raise my blood pressure. Not sure why that is really but there you have it.

I realize this post is a bit rambly – but I’m nearly asleep as this old lady has to rise and shine in a few hours for the ….oh damn. I just realized I haven’t watched “Arrow” yet.

Epic fail that I will have to remedy this weekend. Laters.



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