Nothing random about this lovely film…

About Time
I watched this movie the other night with my mom. And I haven’t stopped thinking or talking about it since. I’m sure my co-workers and the random strangers I have bumped into are wondering if all of my brain matter is in tact. (Or maybe they aren’t and I’m placing too much importance upon myself). And now…I am going to babble to you. (or the random Google spider)
“About Time” is a lovely film brought to you by the creator of “Love, Actually” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. If you’re a fan of those films, then this one is a no-brainer. Richard Curtis understands and knows family relationships, people relationships and expresses them in a way that many films just simply fall short. They ring true even in their odd and quirky ways. They simply breathe reality, with a bit of fairy dust sprinkled in.
I will not give any spoilers here but the basic premise is the story of Tim who discovers after he turns 21 that the men in his family can travel through time. He doesn’t believe his father (the awesome Bill Nighy) – for about 10 minutes.  This isn’t a story about someone using a power like this for evil – or even at great length. It’s just a story about Tim looking for the one big love for his life and the events that befall through his searches. It is a romantic comedy – that is the car that is driving the movie – but it isn’t THE story.  You have to look at the passengers and cargo in the trunk to really get it.  And that one of the most delightful aspects and discoveries of this film. THE story really comes to you in the most beautiful and surprising ways that simply fills your heart with love and happiness.
Oh no. I’m waxing poetic. Sue me. As with Mr. Curtis’s other films there is so much in the telling of the story and other stories working at the same time that show us who we are in this world and where we should be looking and spending time. Take a minute. Breathe. Take another minute. Look. Remember. Feel. That is what this funny and romantic and heartfelt story does as well – but at an even deeper level. 
Everyone should watch this film. Then go and bug your family, co-workers, and random folks you run into. We will all be better for it.

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