So..I game a bit


Its true. I game a bit. I don’t say I’m a gamer – because I only play one game. I have a PS3, but that is only because I won it at a company raffle (score!) and mainly use it for streaming my Hulu Plus and Netflix, etc. We do have a few games, but my son plays those as I have discovered (despite my best efforts) that I cannot simply point and shoot and rock like I could in the old days. I don’t have the hand to eye coordination that the new generation does where camera movement is required. It takes more skill than my old fingers and brain have.

But I play …ready for it? (You probably already guessed) “World of Warcraft”. It’s true. I have spent more time and money on this game over the last 3 years than I care to admit. But I’ve also met some great people and connected strongly with my son, and had a ton of fun.  This is my “main” below.


I’m a Mistweaver Monk badass. I call it the spec of “awesome”. Only one spec required thank you very much. I have other toons that I do enjoy; however this is the one I play 90% of the time and the one to take me into the next expac (Bring on Warlords of Draenor already!).

Why do I mention it today? Well …this blog is for randomness and I have spent my lunchtime chatting with a few guildies, and reading up on some alternate strategies we’re discussing for defeating the final boss in the Raid, Garrosh. It’s a huge thing for our group; and will be for our guild. What’s more random than that?! But also – we aren’t all what we seem. We have layers. Enjoy them.

Oh – and I highly recommend that everyone (who has a heart) watch “About Time” with Rachel McAdams as soon as you can. One of the purest and loveliest movies I have seen in a long time. You might think it’s a romantic comedy, but you would be wrong. It’s so much more than that and you will be a better person for having watched.

Happy Thursday 😀


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